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CEL never comes on

14 September 2008
I just noticed that my CEL and SRS indicators never come on when I'm getting ready to start the car. Shouldn't they light up for a few seconds then go away? Also, didn't pass smog today. I failed the "Multifunction Indicator light" functional test and got a fault code of P0155. What a way to start out my NSX ownership.
Looks like someone pulled the lights out on those indicators that you said do not light up. The car probably has problems but without you seeing them on when you start the car you will never know the car has any problem. When I was shopping for an NSX I would make sure all the lights were there. Hope everything goes well for you and enjoy the ownership of an NSX. :smile:
If you had a PPI done, they should have checked the functionality of all the indicator lights and if not working, tracked down why. In Virginia now, you cannot pass the annual safety inspection unless the airbag (SRS) light functions properly and the airbag is in place which means no more aftermarket non-airbag steering wheels here :(