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CenCal Meet in Fresno

24 October 2011
Calling out all NSX owners in CenCal and NorCal (If you guys want to make the drive down), I want to get a meet and greet going sometime this month. I was thinking on Sunday, July 29th at Starbucks in Riverpark at 8am. Open to any suggestions so we can discuss if July 29th or the location is feasible and maybe even a drive out to the lake. It would be great to meet other NSX owners nearby so hope you all can make it!
Thats so early! :eek: good luck
I'll meet all of you at 8a (starbucks) but I can't do the drive.
Sorry, guys.... not going to be able to make it. Been called into work because of inventory going on this week. Love to meet you guys another time. PM me if you'd like to exchange phone numbers. Have fun.
I took a few. Bryan took off early and I forgot to take pictures. And thanks for the guys who made it, we shall try again sometime. Hopefully more will be able to make it.


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