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Chachos Breakfast meet April 19, 8:30 AM

Sunny tomorrow. It's going to be a great day.

Im heading out to College Station in a few hours to party and see my best friend do his ring dunk, a aggie tradition. :tongue: Gonna leave sunday at 5:45 am :eek: so i'll see ya in the morning ready to chat and grub!!!!!! Wanna make another breakfast bet Matt?? lol :wink:

I know not to doubt you Jeff. You're a soldier!
If any of you guys are free afterwards, we can head over to Track 21 and go karting (this is not affected by weather :smile:) so bring your helmet if you got one. Group discounts start with groups of 6 or more.
Thanks again Matt for organizing the GTG. I needed that!

You are going down next time I see you at the karting track scott!
Yep That would be me! 400 crankhorsepower 1.6 liter Civic SI!! I guess i'll see u at the meet tomorrow??

It's me James (Brad Boyd's friend)! I used to have that white EG hatchback which I got rid of EONS ago. hahahahah!!! How ya been man?!

I texted Brad and asked "Dude, does Jeff have an NSX now?"
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Great meet guys. I enjoy my time other than the weather. I am glad to meet each and one of yall. It is great to know nsxers are all down to earth.:smile: henry's car= sickness, scotts car= quickness, and I think It was nicks car= loudness. Overall great time cant wait till next time.
Thanks for putting this one together, Matt. It was great seeing everyone and their cars.
It was great meeting those who attended. Chrystal and I are excited to be in an active group and plan on attending future meets when we can.