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Chacho's/Sunday/4th of July Recovery GTG

30 October 2000
Houston, TX
WHO: You
WHEN: Sunday July 5th/ 9:00am
WHY: Why not?
WHERE: Chacho's



- Your friendly neighborhood NSXer
I'll be there

Don't laugh at my car guys.....I had to raise it all the way so I don't rub out at the track
You forgot to post the address Z on the first post

6006 Westheimer near Fountainview, Houston Texas 77057

Btw guys, Sundays is all you can eat crawfish day for $19.99 at Bayou Mamas (my friend's restaurant) (shameless plug).
I was there last Sunday and let me tell you....I paid the price on Monday :smile:
Well everyone knows im up at the crack of dawn!! Count me in! Another breakfast bet Matt?? :biggrin: JK See y'all there!!
I'm free all day, but I can only imagine how HOTTT it's going to be in the afternoon.

I figured, I don't drink, so I won't be hungover, why not make you alkie's suffer. That would make my morning. :biggrin:

See you guys there,
- Zishan
So what time is this shindig going down? I usually play ball around 11-12 so is it the usual 8am meet?
Sorry guys. Turns out I won't be able to make it. Have a good breakfast
im out....thats a 1st!!!!

Its Wimbledon Mens Final fellas...my 3 year anniversary from being on NBC with the girl I was coaching, Bethanie Mattek, when she played Venus Williams

plus Roger is going for the most grand slam titles record!!!!

dinner would be sweet if any of yall wanna get on the phone and get something cooking.
Sorry guys, I couldnt make it either. Did anyone go?