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Changes by year

From the wayback link posted above:

Changes for 1991​

  • First model year for the car
  • Engine model number is C30A

Changes for 1992​

  • New Color: Grand Prix White

Changes for 1993​

  • Added cup holder to center console; console cover got two separate openings.
  • Added Passenger Side Air Bag
  • Changed Rear Alignment to 2mm less toe-in to improve tire wear
  • As a result of passenger air bag, drastically reduced size of glove box.
  • Reconfigured center console (gives you the illusion you have more space but not really).
  • Improved warranty coverage from three years or 36,000 miles to four years or 45,000 miles
  • Switched A/C system from CFC-based R12 to ozone-friendly R134A

Changes for 1994​

  • New Color: Brooklands Green Pearl
  • Keyed roof color to body color in late-year green cars (first 9 greens were with black roof). The last green with a black roof is 0031. 0032 (and all others) has a green roof.
  • Dropped Color: Sebring Silver
  • New Interior Color: Tan
  • Dropped Interior Color: Ivory
  • Removed "DOHC VTEC badge" on center console cover
  • Changed wheel design from 5-spoke to 7-spoke
  • New wheel color: Solaris Silver, paint code NH-536M (a gunmetal gray color)
  • Increased Tire and Wheel Sizes to 215ZR45/16 on 16 x 7" Front and 245ZR40/17 on 17 x 8.5" Rear
  • Gear cut method changed to reduce gear noise
  • Color-keyed the rear wall of the interior tan for tan interior cars (previously black on ivory interiors).

Changes for 1995​

  • Added targa top version: the NSX-T
  • Only -Ts were avilable in 1995 in the US; coupes were unavailable.
  • Roofs now all body colored
  • New color: Midnight Pearl
  • Not Available in '95: Grand Prix White
  • Black interior changed from interior code E to code J. It's a little lighter.. a dark charcoal color.
  • Different Exhaust Tips
  • Sportshift "Tiptronic-style" shifting for Automatics
  • Power Steering becomes standard for Manuals as well as Automatics
  • Changed gearing of 2nd gear in Manual Transmission
  • Modified airflow to brakes to improve cooling
  • Traction Control Light no longer shines green when activated, still shines yellow when inactive
  • Throttle-By-Wire
  • OBD-II
  • Limited Slip Differential Changes on manual transmission cars. Went from Torque Control Ddifferential to a Torque Reactive Differential - when combined with Throttle-By-Wire, increases speeds out of a corner by 10%. Automatic cars keep old differential.
  • Bumper reinforcements were changed to extruded aluminum instead of the stamped steel
  • Approx. 100 lbs heaver than 1991/1992 models due to reinforcements for targa top, including: The base of the B pillar where it joins the rocker panel, larger rear bulkhead crossbar, thicker trunk leading edge panel, a redesigned and thicker-walled rear roof section, a redesigned front roof rail section, additional rib in the center rear bulkhead section, a completely redesigned and thicker upper A-pillar. There's also a redesigned and thicker upper dashboard cross member and a redesigned front lower floor section. The extruded aluminum side sills were extensively reinforced - wall thickness of the vertical center web of the 5-sided extrusion went from 2mm to 6mm.

Changes for 1996​

  • Grand Prix White available again
  • Coupes were available again, though from this point on they were special-order only.

Changes for 1997​

  • Three new colors: Kaiser Silver, Monte Carlo Blue, Spa Yellow
  • Dropped colors: Brooklands Green Pearl, Midnight Pearl
  • Coupes can be special ordered with either a black top or a body color top; -Ts still have body colored roofs
  • New wheel color on all wheels: Blades Silver (a bright machined/brushed looking finish)
  • Larger front and rear brake rotor diameters and rotor thickness. The bracket and the rotors are the major change
  • Front caliper pistons went from 40mm and 36mm to 40mm and 34mm.
  • Larger engine displacement (bore increased from 90mm to 93mm) from 3.0L to 3.2L on manual transmission cars. Model number for new engine is C32B1.
  • Horse power increase from 270 hp to 290 hp and torque increase from 210 lbs-ft to 224 lbs-ft (manual tranny)
  • Different exhaust manifolds, now stainless steel and free breathing
  • Different cylinder linings, fiber reinforced (FRM)
  • Larger intake valves, 36mm
  • Different head gaskets
  • Larger connecting rod bearings
  • Increase of piston pin diameter from 22mm to 23mm
  • Numerous emission control system changes
  • Six speed manual transmission
  • Double synchros on 3rd and 4th gears (A61)
  • Lockout of reverse gear above 12mph
  • Dual-disc clutch changed to a single disc clutch
  • Dual mass flywheel
  • Larger diameter spare tire to clear new brakes
  • Stronger, thinner aluminum body panels
  • Heat absorbing glass instead of bronze glass
  • Immobilizer anti-theft system with coded key using an electronic transponder. No more all-metal keys.
  • Ignition switch light went away to make room for the immobilizer antenna.
  • Improved NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness)
  • The final gear ratio does not change, so 6th gear in the 1997 NSX results in 6.9% higher vehicle speed than 5th gear in the 1996 model.
  • New aluminum alloy in selected body areas to reduce weight and increase rigidity
  • Larger spare tire size (from 15 in to 16 in diameter)
  • Refined electronic power steering control
  • Revised shape of the front spoiler
  • Refined ABS braking system
  • Improved Traction Control System (TCS) with new control logic
1997 Prices (MSRP)

  • Coupe 4-speed Automatic or 6-speed Manual $84,000 + destination and handling $725.00
  • NSX-T 4-speed Automatic or 6-speed Manual $88,000 + destination and handling $725.00

Changes for 1998​

  • No official changes, though throttle computer was changed.
1998 Prices (MSRP)

  • Coupe 4-speed Automatic or 6-speed Manual $84,000
  • NSX-T 4-speed Automatic or 6-speed Manual $88,000

Changes for 1999​

  • Limited production Zanardi Signature NSX available
1999 Prices (MSRP)

  • Alex Zanardi Edition NSX 6-speed Manual $84,000 + destination and handling $745.00
  • Coupe 4-speed Automatic or 6-speed Manual $84,000 + destination and handling $745.00
  • NSX-T 4-speed Automatic or 6-speed Manual $88,000 + destination and handling $745.00

Changes for 2000​

  • Discontinued colors: Kaiser Silver, Monte Carlo Blue Pearl, Formula Red
  • Introduced colors: Silverstone Metallic (slightly lighter than Kaiser Silver, darker than Sebring Silver), Monaco Blue Pearl (slightly lighter than Monte Carlo Blue Pearl), New Formula Red (slightly darker than Formula Red)
  • Seats, door insets, and steering wheel get perforated leather (not perforated suede like the Zanardi edition)
  • Improved anti-lock brake system (ABS) (computer software change)
  • Improved manual transmission shifting
  • Acura "A" logo marks on wheel centers
  • Added onboard fueling vapor recovery system
  • Engine now meets Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) standard
  • No scheduled tuneups for 100,000 miles
2000 Prices (MSRP) and Info

  • 4 Year / 50,000 Mile Warranty

Changes for 2001​

Changes for 2002​

  • New Colors: Long Beach Blue Pearl, Imola Orange Pearl
  • Discontinued Colors: Monaco Blue Pearl
  • Added Interior Colors - Available with matching exterior color only: Yellow, Silver, Blue, Orange, White. Red is available with both red and black exterior.
  • New interior trim color: Aluminum Color (Center console, door inserts, and Gauge Cluster Bezel).
  • White stitching used on interior dash
  • Steering turns lock-to-lock up to 3.24 from 3.07
  • Wheel sizes changed to 17 x 7" front and 17 x 9" rear.
  • Tire sizes changed to 215/40ZR/17 front and 255/40ZR/17 Rear
  • Rear track increased 1/2" from 60.2" to 60.7"
  • Yokohama A022 no longer OEM tire - Bridgestone Potenza RE050 H0 replaced RE010 as new OEM tire
  • Appearance updated - Fixed HID headlights, new front, new lip on trunk, new ground effects beneath doors, black mesh vents (changed from ribbed)
  • Coupe option discontinued in the U.S. (available elsewhere)
Press release from Honda before 2002 model introduction:

  • The NSX has earned its status as one of the world's premier exotic sports cars with a combination of head turning performance and contemporary styling. For 2002, the NSX's styling has been updated to modernize its look and its chassis was refined to ensure its competitiveness as a true world class sports car. The NSX features all-aluminum construction and is powered by an advanced 290 horsepower DOHC, VTEC, V-6 engine coupled to a 6-speed close-ratio manual transmission. When equipped with the optional 4-speed automatic transmission with Sequential SportShift(TM), the NSX engine generates 252 horsepower.
2002 NSX Color Card for US

2002colors.jpg (46560 bytes)

Changes for 2003​

  • Rear sway bar size increased from: 17.5 mm to 19.1 mm. Wall thickness remains at 2.3 mm

Changes for 2004​

  • US Colors: Long Beach Blue Pearl, New Imola Orange Pearl, Grand Prix White, New Formula Red, Rio Yellow Pearl, Silverstone Metallic, and Berlina Black. Each of these colors can be matched to a corresponding interior color for a personalized look or ordered with a conventional tan or black leather interior.
  • Now standard equipment instead of options: Keyless entry, CD changer in trunk
  • Redesigned shift knob
  • Removal of passenger side power door lock switch.
  • Gauge Cluster bezel color change: from "Aluminum" to dark gray.
  • CD changer now MP3 compatible.
  • MSRP $89,000 + destination and handling $745.00
  • Center console and door trim color changed to brighter shade of silver.
  • Factory alarm now gives audible *beep* when activated via key FOB (second time button depressed)

Changes for 2005​

  • Manual transmission/double synchros added to 5th and 6th gears (E61)
  • "NSX" emblem on door handle color changed to silver [to be confirmed - 2002 change?]