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****NOT AVAILABLE*** 1993 Black/Black 5sp

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11 February 2003
Denver, Colorado, USA
Year: 1993
Exterior color/Interior Color Black/Black
Number of Owners: 4
Transmission: 5 sp
In Snap Ring Range? (if 5spd Manual): No ‘93s are in snap ring range
VIN: JH4NA1154PT000514
Mileage: 234,141
Are you a dealer or private seller?: Private Seller
Location (City, State): Denver, CO
Title (clean or branded/salvage/rebuilt): Clean Title

With great reluctance I am putting my legendary 1993 Black/Black NSX (VIN JH4NA1154PT000514) on the market. My wife contracted West Nile disease (WND) a while ago leaving her confined to a wheelchair. Eighty percent of WND sufferers never know they got it, 10% are left with poliomyelitis, and 10% die – so -- it could have been worse. We’ve already moved out of our 116 year old 3 story house and now, since she can no longer get in and out of the NSX, it is time to send it on to its next caretaker.

Visually the car is original outside of the seven-spoke 94+ NSX wheels. Its first owner, a Georgia building contractor, ordered every available option including the factory 6 disc CD changer, keyless entry, early car phone (included, even though the Smithsonian wanted it J,) and floor mats.

Underneath it is a little different with lots of bolt-ons (but all original parts are included.) Early Top-Speed headers exit into a Taitec GT – 102 inconel exhaust. It breathes through a K&N filter into 410 cc RDX injectors. The ECU has been altered to allow power tuning. You can read about that entire process here: https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/tuning-the-nsx-3-0l-using-the-oem-ecu.211416/page-8#post-2046942. The factory fuel maps are currently tweaked for Denver’s altitude and extended to lower heights while I was at NSXPO in Scottsdale 2 years ago. It’s easy to do the same for its new home location. It also has Bilstein Shocks and BFGoodrich G-Force Comp-2 A/S Plus tires with lots of tread left. In Colorado it can snow 12 months of the year, so this NSX always wore all season tires.

The prestigious Ability Colorado Concours d’Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show invited this NSX to appear in the special Century’s Collection last year (one car from each of the past 11 decades.) I had the car extensively detailed by The Man Cave, frequently winner of the best detail shop in Colorado. https://mancavedetail.com/. After hours of work they installed a clear bra to maintain its beauty.

The car has at least 1000 pages of maintenance history from the previous 3 owners, from Georgia, South Carolina and Kansas, as well as my own records. While the car has 234,141 miles, the completely rebuilt Science of Speed engine https://www.scienceofspeed.com/custom-engine-builds.html, has less than 5% of that amount. See https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/frustrating-month.214204/ for this saga’s complete details. No Secrets. We replaced all appropriate wear items with the engine rebuild, including clutch, hoses, sensors, etc. Everything is ready for another ¼ million miles – or the track if you are so inclined.

Here is your chance to own an icon of automotive history. The NSX changed supercars forever. Prior to its 1991 introduction cars that made up this market segment were unreliable, to a point where they were impractical to take on trips of any length. The joke in Colorado was that early Ferrari club drives had to be accompanied by two mechanics and a shop truck, and even then not all of them were able to return home under their own power. While the Jaguar engine was quite robust, everything else required to make it run (Lucus, etc) – not so much. Maserati? Aston Martin? Lotus? Alfa Romeo? Lamborghini? They all changed after the NSX showed them how.

No one has a crystal ball, but NSXs have enjoyed consistent price increases in the past few years. That trend seems to be holding even now, when the market is generally flat or declining. NSXs are wildly popular and attention grabbers. It is difficult to drive around the block without at least one person shouting and waving, or taking a cell phone photo. Neither I nor your financial planner would ever suggest raiding your 401k to buy a car, but this could be an opportunity to get in near the floor of a steadily increasing asset.

This car is ready to go as it sits in my garage. All the original keys, spare tire, owner’s manual, tool kit, shop manual and many spares are included. As you can see from my signature, it has gotten its high mileage from going on long, long trips --- all 48 states, most at least twice if not three times. More than once I pulled out of a gas station, went through 5 gears – once – and pulled into the next gas station 400 miles away before I applied the brakes or touched the clutch pedal. These are the easiest miles any car can accumulate so consider the long drive break-in mileage. I would be happy to deliver this car anywhere in the country, if my wife’s required 24/7 care were covered for the length of my round trip and return airfare were covered.

Price $89,995


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I can personally vouch for this car, which is local to me. Mark has cared for it extensively and the brand new SOS engine runs great. Don't let the miles fool you- they were mostly the long, easy highway miles that these NSXs love. This car has a rich history, and a excellent caretaker in Mark. You can buy it with confidence.
I am withdrawing this car. It is no longer for sale on this forum. Thanks for looking.

hope that means things are looking better with your family. car is really well loved
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