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cheap floor jack

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
A friend of mine got a jack to work on his Trans-Am (yeah, he has to do quite a bit of work on it to keep it running). Anyway i tried it out to see if it would fit under the NSX. It did and worked great.

the details:
Sears Craftsman floor jack
2 1/4 ton capacity
Comes with carry case
...30 bucks.

92 Red/Blk
I have that one. It's OK, but it's starting to leak. Sags a quarter inch every couple of minutes. It's less than 2 years old, and only seen light usage.
I only used it once so i don't know of the long term quality...but heck it is sears, don't they have a lifetime warranty.

92 Red/Blk