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Chicago/Southeastern Wisconsin Group Events, 2021

28 May 2015
La Grange, Illinois
Hi Everyone! I trust that you've all been braving the atrocious weather that we've been experiencing! With only another month or so to go before most of us will be breaking our cars out of storage, it's time to begin thinking of the upcoming driving season. A few of us on the "Central Planning Committee" (sorta sounds like the Politburo!) have been discussing a few possible activities, among which are

Lake Geneva Drive - this has traditionally been kicked off with a brunch at a nice restaurant in the area, but due to Covid, we may be looking at a picnic instead

Road trip: "Great River Road" along the Mississippi, Door County, or the tried-and-proven Michigan trip. This would entail one, possibly two overnight stays

Karting: Autobahn in Joliet, and Paul has been pushing for an even faster kart track over in South Bend. Farther, more expensive, but also more speed and thrills!!

Portillo's Meets: usually at the Elmhurst Crossing Mall location on Rt. 83. Good parking setup, good food!

Port Edwards Restaurant: In Algonquin, this has been a popular event that in years past we've done later in the season

Maintenance seminars: at Paul's, with his new garage and deluxe lift, we can look the cars over, perform some DIY work, and all learn a lot!

Cookouts/Parties: Paul, Visal, Joe, and I are all ready to have everyone over! Should anyone else want to host, speak up!

Perhaps most importantly, I'm soliciting input from everyone. If there's anything that you would like to do, please respond to this thread or pm me. And to all of you new guys, please consider joining us! One of the pleasures of NSX ownership is meeting and befriending other owners, sharing experiences, having a good time, and learning more about your car.

I'll be updating this post as more information becomes available regarding specific activities/events and dates.
Does Weathertech do anything like give tours?

The owners have crazy cars.

I wonder if they keep some of them on site.
I sent an email request for the whole enchilada, tour, meet in the parking lot viewing of WeatherTech staff cars.

I will follow up once I hear back

Off topic, since Covid hit my wife and I have been going on Sunday hikes.

Today we went to Volo Bog in Ingleside IL,real nice place.

On the way home I stopped for gas at a non descript Shell station.

My wife says, hey they have racing gas, $6.99 a gallon.

I can't remember when I last saw a station with a racing gas pump.

This was on Rand Rd in/near Lake Zurich, IL.
The Lake Geneva *Picnic* and Drive will be happening on May 15th. We'll meet at the City of Lake Geneva's Cobb Park Picnic Area, 2101 McDonald Road, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The time will be at 11:00, after which we'll take the tried-and-true scenic drive through the southern Wisconsin countryside, ending at the Alpine Valley Ski Resort, where we'll get some group photos of everyone and their cars. The guys coming up from Chicago can all meet at the Lake Forest Oasis on the Tri-State/I-294 at 9:45 and drive up together. If you're interested in going, please respond to this thread, for it will enable us to better plan for the event. Thanks!

1. Jeff
2. Doug
3. Paul
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Thank you for organizing this!
see you all there!!
Count me in!!!
Keep me posted! I’d be in for Lake Geneva and any maintenance sessions for sure! Don’t check here too much these days.

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One week from today! As of now, I'm assuming that most of you who have responded to this thread are planning on going, as well as some who have seen Ryan's post on Prime. Everyone shine your cars and hope for some decent weather next week! :smile:
Everyone, the Lake Geneva Picnic/Drive has been postponed. There are a significant number of people who cannot make it on Saturday, so in order to try to maximize participation we're going to postpone it to a later date. I'm sorry about this; a number of you were looking forward to the drive, for it's always been a good time - I was. But stay tuned, for I'll be posting a new date for the picnic and drive before too long, probably a date in July or August.
The Lake Geneva Picnic & Drive has been rescheduled for July 25th! Meeting at Cobb Park, 2101 McDonald Rd., Lake Geneva at 11:00. Guys driving up from Illinois can meet at the Lake Forest Oasis on the Trip-State at 9:45. Mark your calendars!
Lake Geneva Picnic and Drive, July 25th!
Everyone, Please bring your significant ours.
Let's make it picnic for all.
Thanks, Brad
Good point, Brad! Yes...wives, girlfriends, daughters, partners, etc.. My wife is much more interested in going on these outings if there will be other women there.
Ok, everyone, the event is tomorrow! Hope to see you there!
Everyone, one more reminder. Andy will not be attending the picnic tomorrow, so if you plan on grilling, please ensure that you bring your own charcoal!
I hope everyone had a great day on the road

I had a visit with my wife's co-worker in Aurora and missed yet another fun time with you folks