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Coupe Suspension GC to KW spring rates

26 April 2002
Hey guys, I really havent found much on this anywhere including the library so posting here. I have a 92 cpe thats been on Ground Control coilovers for ~20 yrs and been very happy them. Unsurprisingly shocks are gone and GC requires custom machining using specific Konis which are now NLA. So looking at KW since everywhere in between that price point really sounds like risk of a mismatched bounce house.

GC spring rates were 525 lb/in front, 440 lb/in rear. The car rode well but had zero body roll which i liked. KW is 350 in/lb all around. For the KW owners and especially those with experience with higher spring rates, how do you feel about the body roll in the KW and is it noticable compared to higher rate springs? For example, just going from potenza S02 to Continental DWS added noticable roll for me. Wondering what i can expect with KW since they do not come in any other spring rates except clubsport. And why do you think KW is the same rate front to back and everyone else is staggered?

Last, I think my ideal suspension would be a zanardi, type s or R on lower perch bilstens but I believe bilstens are not as smooth as koni and they indicate lower perch is not for use on nsx. Not to mention parts are pipe dream. So i think KW may be the route, but at that price point i sure didnt want to end up with more body roll. (my definition of roll is to swerve the car in lane at ~50mph and feel no roll). Any input would be appreciated!
The KW will feel more composed than the GC in all phases, regardless of spring rate. It's a far superior system. Type S (and R) springs on Bils will blow out the front shock since it is not valved for those rates. The full Type S suspension is about the same price as the KW so if you don't care about height adjustment, I strongly recommend the S for a coupe.
If I can source a set of 16/17" oems that would definitely push me to an oem style suspension. I put a-spec on my RSX-S and was blown away how well it felt in all aspects. I may be shopping for a while:) At stock ride height my Bridgestone wheels would probably look a bit silly. Appreciate the input on the KW/GC feedback, I do believe that although firm and balanced the GCs are not all that refined probably bc they started as a track kit. Ill keep looking and if oem gets ridiculous to find or price Ill go with the KWs. Thanks again!