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Chicago-Wisconsin Summer Drive

28 May 2015
La Grange, Illinois
This is for all of you guys living in Wisconsin. I'm putting out a "feeler" to see whether or not there's any interest in a 1-day trip from Chicago up through southern Wisconsin. We all seemed to have a good time at the Lake Geneva event. I was thinking in terms of everyone meeting in Lake Geneva (Lake Forest Oasis and drive up for us Illinois types) and then heading over towards Lake Mills and Madison or even west of Madison. However, I don't know Wisconsin very well and if anyone has a certain circuit or route that they would like to take, then by all means say so! I will be more than happy to defer to those familiar with the area.

The only request that I have is that, if possible, we do this on Sunday, July 10th. I'm one of those people who frequently has to work on weekends :frown: but I happen to be off that day.

Anyone interested?
I'd at least meet up with you guys once you hit Madison. Did you post this on the Midwest Owners Facebook group as well?
I like it, Jeff! I'm in too.

I started a separate thread with you in mind as we discussed.