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Clutch Questions? (Also posted in Technical Section)

13 March 2001
North Potomac, MD
As you can see I am new to the forum and have been researching several pre-owned NSXs.

I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I sat in a new NSX (700 miles) and felt "toe-play" in the clutch. Most hydraulics do not have this feel.

  1. Is this common in all NSXs?
  2. Is the clutch adjustable? I like a low grab.
  3. Also, what is the cost to replace a clutch assembly?
  4. Does the engine have to be removed to replace a clutch?
  5. What is the life expentancy of a clutch?
  6. Are they usually replaced with an aftermarket? Who makes the best?

    Lots of questions, I know. Thanks in advance...Rick

    ps. I have also posted these quesitons on the Technical Discussion.
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
Many of your questions are answered in the FAQ section of this NSXprime website. You can go straight to the FAQ table of contents using this link:



Thanks for the lead. I read every word and learned a great deal. But I saw nothing relating to "toe-play" or adjusting the clutch...

Does anyone know about these issues?
Much thanks ...Rick
I saw a thread a while back regarding "Clutch engagement point adjustment" or some such. You might want to search through the old archives and see if you can find that post. It is my understanding that the clutch engagement point CAN be adjusted, however it is delicate work and is very easy to over adjust.

As far as replacing a clutch, Acura of Portland Here Quoted me something like 1500 for parts and another 600 for labor.
I replaced mine with a Dali Streetracer Clutch, which in my opinion is the best for street driving w/occassional track. It grabs well, and has zero chatter, and retains the stock pedal feel. Comptech's feel like they grab even harder but are quite a bit stiffer.

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