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Color choice

23 November 2001
Lancaster, PA USA
I'm ready to buy a late model NSX and like yellow and red. Yellow seems a bit harder to find. I'm looking for opinions about whether resale value down the road would be significantly higher for one color vs. the other.

Thanks all

Mike Clemens
IMO yellow "might" have a higher resale(to someone who wants yellow) due to the fact they are less likely to be found (although they are out there).Then the other side of the coin is its fairly obvious that theres a larger demand for red which makes the sale move faster which drops time/and cost of advertising a bit.6 of one and half a dozen of the other kinda' .I think this is a somewhat reasonable hypothosis.

Most of the NSX colors - including yellow and red - have not generally experienced any significant premium or discount in market value caused by the color.

There may be a slight premium for Monte Carlo Blue and possibly for Sebring Silver, and a slight discount for Midnight Pearl, but that's about it.

Buy the color car you would like to own, and don't worry about resale value.
If you look at AutoTrader.com, I often see many yellow NSXs up for sale.

Yes definately if you dont like attention.DO NOT GET YELLOW!It looks absolutely awesome.Once I went yellow I never went back.
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-Yellow 550 hp 99'Cobra(show winner)
-Yellow NSX (Show winner)
-Yellow Lamborghini Diablo 2001 SV(arriving February 2002'from my fiance'for my B'day,A DEFINATE SHOW WINNER!!)
-Yellow off-road bicycles(never used)they just hang in the garage.

-2 Yellow Rottweilers(just kidding)But Im gonna see if I can get them genetically changed or just paint them up.Ya'know the brush and roller on a Sunday morning in the back yard.
Any color is great "but" Yellow definatly has been a bit of a magnet at shows and the track for us..
Good Luck,Happy Holidays!
And welcome to the club!!!

Originally posted by NSX4U2:
...Silvertone is the way to go!

97-T @ 20K

I'm kind of partial to the Silverstone myself.

I would have to say that the blues are my favorite. I would have paid a little more for a blue one - but that's just me.


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IMO, silver color shows the line of NSX the best. Yellow color gets all the attention and blue is just an awesome color for NSX too! These are the best color for NSX IMO.
You can't go wrong with yellow or red...especially if you like to be noticed.

I find that the red photographs more true to color than yellow, which tends to vary dramatically by angle and time of day.

I should add that I never liked any yellow car until I saw a Spa Yellow Pearl NSX-T IN PERSON. Had I come across it before my red one, I might be driving a yellow one now.

On another note, I had a similar reaction to Kaiser Silver.

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Wow... I guess this proves that as far as opinions (like that other thing), every one has one. For me its a hard choice. I've always liked red... but I think I like the yellow more, at least in the short term, but not sure how i'll feel about it after a few years.

Thanks!! wish me luck.

keep the shiny side up
As others have said, there's not that much of a price difference in the different colors, mostly 'cause the NSX looks awesome in *any* color.

Except for that pukey green special-order Japan-only color, that is...

-Bob ('94 #496)
Originally posted by smoore:
isn't the red nsx's faster?????lol

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Red would be faster because the paint is actually lighter in weight. I do not think it would be a measurable difference though.