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Forced Induction Comptech CTSC AutoRotor Supercharger // Complete & in Excellent condition

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10 August 2006
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For sale is an Autorotor CTSC Comptech supercharger system.
The only Plug and play system with No tuning needed. One day install. The most proven & reliable FI system for the NSX
The only 50 state CARB certified and road legal NSX FI system. Meets Stringent California emissions regulations
This is set up for NA2 / 3.2L but can be converted easily. I also have brand the new NA1 3.0L Comptech parts available for an extra $300.
340-360whp average results on the stock 6-7psi... OR... 375-400whp if you choose to go high boost.

Excellent condition with METICULOUS maintenance. Unit is well packaged and ready to ship, Everything has been cleaned and in like new condition.
This is the sought after Swedish-built Autorotor. The Autorotor is the most efficient and powerful of all versions of Comptech superchargers it runs cooler than the old/new whipple/lysholm chargers. As the short/long story goes... Comptech used whipple in the beginning then upgraded to this much more efficient and cooler running / higher power producing autorotor around 2007 up until around 2012 than a few years ago unfortunately Autorotor decided to stop supplying units to comptech due to insufficient order volume therefore comptech had to go back the older/current whipple / lysholm supplier.
The autorotor uses extensive billet machined components and thus is much better built and more expensive unit than the Whipple / lysholm unit.
Feel free to call Autowave or Driving Ambition or just about any NSX master tech in the country and/or just research here on prime anyone will confirm Autorotor is the most desirable CTSC and you can NOT buy a new Autorotor one since Comptech now only sells the older style whipple / lysholm units and is less efficient than the Autorotor, Don't just take my word for it... Please feel free to research for yourself.
Comptech does still provide full support of these sought-after autorotor units for any service, maintenance & parts

This one has never been run on high boost, and I was fortunate enough to have first dibs last month when well known and respected long time NSXprime member Turbo2Go put this up for sale. He is the one and only original owner and clearly is one of the most meticulous members of this forum and it was comfortable to know it was a well taken care of unit.
I have not even installed this CTSC yet and just received this shipment today from Dave (Turbo2Go) whom just had it professionally removed a few weeks ago.
I decided to go into a more complex direction, likely going into a full engine build high HP custom turbo setup which will cost me 2-3 times this setup...
my craziness = your gain.

$7700 for the CTSC system complete with all components and original comptech fuel management, no tuning required.

Detailed pics of the individual CTSC components are here: (I took these pics today upon receiving and re-packaged everything)

I also have a plug and play (already tuned) high boost kit that I purchased to use with this:
AEM FIC with 91-94 NA1 harness and RC550 injectors and Includes a saved tune by Shad for this exact high-boost setup, one of the best CTSC tuners in the country which will save you lots of money in tuning considering FIC tuning is expensive and finding someone who knows and has tuned hundreds of an NSX's Like shad is difficult.
$950 Or Best Offer for high boost partial kit, keep in mind the value/savings of the saved tune by shad.
You will need to buy: regular high boost pulley (SOS for $100) and the fuel pump of your choice ($100-$200...
375-400whp average results on high boost 9psi SOS pulley...
PICS are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ln4qstj2tzqu183/AAApQW67CoSGZ4iXgW3qWWbFa?dl=0

For a faster response:
My email is M3Tiago.... at.... gmail.... com

Comparison chart showing some advantages of the Autorotor over the lysholm and whipple chargers. The size and dimensions are not correct as this is a different size blower.

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