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Comptech Supercharger CTSC Kit

21 September 2016
Complete plug and play system with no tuning needed. This kit is currently on a NA2 98 but can be used on any nsx 91-05.

Originally supercharger was a Lysholm 1600 AX. But since has been completely remanufactured with new latest (5th) generation Lysholm 2300AX and AXO rotor pack. Remanufactured supplied drive extension up to 8 inch drive. Included in SC rebuild, bearing plate, new gear set, new hub, new sync hub, male and female rotors, rotor inner rings, Lysholm twin screw 6 pin coupler, bearings and seals.

All documentation and paper work included from rebuild.
Less than 500 miles have been driven since rebuild.


Complete kit including a ESM (electric signal modifier) is included for your stock ECU to adjust accordingly, so no re-tune is needed. Fuel pressure regulator and fuel pressure regulator unit to be wired in to increase voltage to the fuel pump which will increase fuel pressure as boost builds. You can use your stock injectors for the low boost kit but Comptech strongly recommends them to be cleaned and calibrated for optimum efficiency before use.

$7700 + oem hardware



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can i ask why you are selling the supercharger? i have a 91 and i am very interested here is my phone # 360-223-1719
You will probably need carb sticker for CA buyers. Smog stations want to see that come smog time.

If the SMOG technician knows his job, you don’t need the sticker in CA. All you need is the EO#. The number for the CTSC can be found online or here on Prime, surely. Get the number, print it out, keep in glove box, show to SMOG tech or LEO as needed...
Responded to all PMs. Thank you [MENTION=5430]drew[/MENTION] for the ARB information.