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Considering selling my '91

24 November 2009
I am third owner acquired in 2008. Currently with 49K miles, I have driven about 7K total.
I think I already know the answer, but my question is should I fix two issues before sale or just put it out there.
AC leaks although works fine when refilled with freon. Dealer advised against conversion years ago and honestly I have not used it for some time.
Bose stereo--should I consider replacing or let the new owner do whatever he/she really wants?
Otherwise the car is in great condition. All original except for wheels and I have the original set which would be included.

Finally, any leads on private mechanics in Richmond VA or reasonably close to do the work. I have used the local dealer in the past but they are getting a bit flaky.
Can you post pics of car? Or, at least color details, accident history and maintenance history? Maybe I'll buy and have you ship to SOS in AZ to have work done. Have you thought about a price?
Lol I was gonna say leave the radio alone and fix the AC....
As long as the cassette player works....

The good old days when you could talk to someone about "head cleaning" with a straight face...
I'll second the idea of fixing the AC and keeping the radio. I bought my car without AC and with the black interior and large front window the car was so hot even driving it back home in April.
I'm in Richmond as well and have a '92. I take mine up to Ben at Daisy Import Auto up in Woodbine, MD. He's the NSX guru and specializes in the Gen 1 NSX's.
I live in Richmond as well and have a '92. I take mine up to Ben at Daisy Auto Import in Woodbine, MD. It's a little bit of a pain but he specializes in Gen 1's and is the NSX guru.