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Console phone holder (behind the shifter)

11 January 2021
Ontario, Canada
If you missed out on buying the Acura accessory phone when you first bought your NSX because you figured that the cellular phone fad was bound to peter out, here is your solution to have one after all.

This holder uses the factory NSX coin holder to hold your phone on the console just behind the shifter. The design fits a Google 4a 5G with Spigen case, 78 x 158 mm or similar. Incredibly, it also happens to fit my wife's Huawei P20 pro. When the phone is out, there’s a hole to still see the shift pattern.

PM me & I'll send the .stl. I’m not going to put it on thingiverse since it’s so vehicle and phone specific, but if a couple of you want to send me your phone case dimensions in mm, including the radius of curvature of the corners and button/speaker locations etc, I could redraft it & send you the .stl to print when I can find the time.

Print in PET or, if you leave your car in the sun, ABS. No PLA. There are 2 pieces, the base which friction fits into the coin holder (shown in orange), and the holder part. They can be superglued together or joined with #4 screws in the holes provided. The insets in the back are for rubber stoppers.

I'm still learning to use this forum and still having problems with photos, but I'll try again to attach them.


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