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Cool stubby roller drive ratchet, cheap!

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9 March 2000
Sacramento, CA
Just ordered a cool new ratchet. Figured here is the place to post about it.


It is a Roller Drive Ratchet with one degree of travel before it hooks up again. If you are lucky you already have a 5 degree ratchet (Facom, and the newer Craftsman Thin Profile ratchets). But a 1 degree ratchet is really cool. It is only $26 for a 3/8" and $23 for the 1/4" drive.

They are made in Taiwan, but Griot's Garage stuff is guareteed for life so if it dies, send it back and get a new one.

Also, if you order anything for the next two months you get a free 8oz bottle of Speed Shine (their own flavor of instant detailer)

Use promo code: EMLBB.

No financial interest, just a cool new tool.


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