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Cooling Hose Recall


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15 August 2000
Bellingham, WA
A few weeks ago I took my recently aquired 91 NSX to a local Acura dealer and asked to see a list of what recalls have or have not been completed on my car.

The service advistor gave me a sheet of paper that says "ACURALINK DCS" at the top. Near the middle of the page there is a line that reads:

CAMPAIGN S/B : 95-011 C

The advisor told me this line means there was one recall on the car and it has been completed. When I asked what this recall was, he told me it was a seat belt problem.

Since I had never heard of the seat belt recall, I asked about the cooling hose recall mentioned in the NSX FAQ. The advisor said he had never heard of that recall and since there was nothing else listed the CAMPAIGN field for my car, there is no outstanding recall work to be done.

I then told him about the chip above the 'J' in the engine wall VIN number and how my car did have a chip taken out right above the J. He looked puzzled and said that must have been done to show they completed the seat belt recall.

Anyway, can anyone here confirm what the truth is here? Was there really a seat belt recall for the '91 or is that 95-011 recall code really referring to the cooling house recall being completed?

BTW, my VIN number is JH4NA115XMT000898.
95-011 is indeed a seatbelt recall. The cooling system recall is 92-030. Have the dealer pull that TSB and review it.