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crystal nsx

10 March 2005
atlanta, ga
looking for an affordable crystal nsx in the original box
Define “affordable” and I’ll say good luck because it took me years to active searching to find mine.

I didn’t get an “affordable” option but it is 100% complete which was a big plus for me

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I think the Mayans created the first one:biggrin:
Just saw this on the NSX club Europe’s page


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thanks for the update.
just joined the european nsx club and checked.
sold the day it posted.

guess i'll keep looking
I'm looking for one as well, if you happen to find a pair of them... I'm not picky about the box.

Best, Tim
if I was looking for such a thing I would search prime for all those who have posted owning one and pm them with an offer they could not refuse...:wink:

same thing with the "watch"