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Working Radio

If yours is broken and you're willing to spend the money, ask for Daryl at Willman's electronics in Texas. Assuming he's still doing the swap, you send him your junked stock head unit and he replaces the boards with modern stuff and wires all the controls and such to work with the face buttons from the stock unit.
That’s what I'm looking to do.
I want to attempt to swap in modern guts on an old unit. I found some units designed specifically for retro fits. It would lose the tape deck function and presets (I’m ok with) but gain the ability for Bluetooth all while looking completely stock. There’s even a custom lighting setup so you can manipulate the color and brightness of the digital readout to match the car’s original orangey display. I believe they were designed for hot rods. The NSX head unit is massive there’s plenty of room to fit the entire unit designed to be stuffed up under a dash somewhere.

Unfortunately I sold my stock head unit when I put my double din in. I wouldn’t mind the OEM look of it had a Bluetooth option and ability to accept my Amp inputs and aftermarket speakers.
Have been sitting for 12yrs. When removed radio was working but cd changer was a hit or miss when starting to play a cd


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Was originally asking $500 plus shipping for both head unit and changer but just realized I don’t have the main cradle/brackets for the cd changer….i’ll do $475+ shipping . Will need an address to give an accurate quote..