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CT Emissions Testing

17 February 2001
Looking for a place around Fairfield County where I can take my NSX. The only place I knew of with the rollers in the floor, which would work well with the low-to-the-ground car, doesn't do the tests any more. All the other places I've seen have high ramps which look like asking for trouble with an NSX.
not sure but you may want to check out Danbury Honda, they use to have a low profile roller setup. Not sure if they do anymore.
Your car is a 1993 correct? if so, I am almost positive there is no dyne test in Connecticut anymore...I think older than 1995 is now exempt from emission test portion.....double check with the dmv website or call directly would be the best answer
CT DMV told me that emissions is required up to 25 years old. Quite sure they still require the rollers test.
I called Danbury Honda after looking on their website. They don't do state Emissions test, bummer - what a nice looking Dealership.
Going to check out a gas station in Greenwich this morning that the service manager from Acura of Greenwich recommended. I'll post back here to let people know how it went.
Am I the only one with this concern? Where do the Ferrari/Lambo guys go to have this ( stupid form of just another tax ) done?
Just noticed this post. Sorry for the late response. There are 3 stations that I have had my 91 inspected at. One is in Stamford, one in New Canaan and one in Norwalk. Although I don't have exact names, if you can contact me, I'll describe locations. Bruce 917-623-9694.
Bruce, thanks. I ended up going to the Shell station on the Post Rd in Greenwich, almost directly across from Whole Foods. They did a good job in taking care that the car would not be damaged. The Tech was thinking we might have to remove the front bumper, but I said no way. His boss came out and guided him back onto the rollers, which were fairly low on the floor, though they looked higher than the place I used previously. Had about an inch to spare on the front bumper when it was set in place on the rollers. This station is right down the road from all the Greenwich car dealers, so they get a lot of the exotics in there. They were actually excited to see an NSX come in, and the owner insisted that I never sell it since they aren't made any more.
Bruce, was it you I met outside of EMS on High Ridge Rd a year or so ago?
Yes, we did meet at EMS. Funny thing is right across from EMS was the one of the three inspection stations. I think it is a Shell on the corner of High Ridge and Vine Road. Glad everything worked out.