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Custom Exhaust ideas

8 March 2000
Austin, TX USA
Thinking of getting a custom exhaust done for my car. Any ideas on how/what you have done, for those who have one? Price? Type of universal muffler used? Thinking of using possibly borla. Or even just a regular stainless steel muffler. Any impressions on sound etc?


92 Red/Blk
Have spoken with a couple of exhaust places here in town. Now i am trying to decide which setup to go with. I can replace the stock muffler with a different and just get some custom tips. Or go with the two round mufflers.

Any ideas on brands? Don't want something too loud. Or that is booming at cruising speeds. Have seen tons of mufflers in the Import magazines. One of the shops mentioned magna flow.

92 Red/Blk
I know two Florida NSXrs who had custom exhaust set-ups fabricated using a single flowmaster can. The sound is unreal! The exhaust note is VERY throaty...unlike any I've heard before. It is loud though...perhaps too loud for your preferences. The cost was not bad at all...less than half that of the aftermarket setups that are available. Hope this helps.
A similar setup was proposed by one of the shops here. Just using a single dual in/dual out magna flow. Some volume is ok. Just don't want that to be the only you can hear when cruising down the freeway. I will keep the stock headers/intake/cats, so that should keep down on some of the volume.

92 Red/Blk
I like the idea of 2 canisters, however, maybe the single one similar to OEM might work best??

If you can post some pictures and info on your final exhaust, maybe we can get a group buy??

For me, I'd like an exhaust that sounds EVIL(at idle), and even more EVIL at wot! and that only cost a couple of hundred $$$$

I'm curious and interested in your final choice. let me know, maybe I'll get one as well.

I'd like an exhaust that sounds EVIL(at idle), and even more EVIL at wot

How about one that sounds PUREVIL?