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custom plates

14 March 2001
hey all
ordered my custom plate today
from the tag office "GOES211"
love to here from other on there’s

98-T r\t #28
Mine say's L3C7R0 - For Lectro.... in Ga you can only have 6 characters... I'll post a pic as soon as I can take one....

I don't know specifically about California, but it's probably like Illinois. Here, if I have a particular vanity plate, I can transfer it to someone else. AFAIK there's nothing that says that you can't take money for doing so. More power to him!

Sorry, but my Illinois NSXTASY plate is not for sale. (Wonder how much it's worth?)
Actually the plate is owned by the registered owner of the plate. Doesn't matter if it's on a car or not. You own the plate(at least here in Cal.) If you want to hang it in your garage for 20 years, you can. Just pay the plate retention fee of 25 bucks a year(this is added on your registration if you have it on any car). You can also surrender it to the DMV for free(at this point, the next who requests this plate configuration gets it) or sign a release form and give(or sell as in this instance) to anyone you chose. I recently did this with a friend. He took my personalized plates to the DMV and was able to put them on his car with my release paperwork in hand. Although not legal to sell a plate, seems the configuration of the plate is what is for sale. You can always get a new plate if you have the release form and the new application for the configuration. You don't even need to have the plate, only the configuration registered in your name.(Personalized plates go with the person, not the car) Soooo, it's not the plates that are really for sale here....
What do you guys think about "V8KLR"?

For some reason it makes me laugh. NOt sure if I actually have the cohones to get it due to increased negative attention, but I'm thinking about it.

The other one I have thought about is "HNDMADE".
There a guy who posts to this site in Texas With the plate "ENZO WHO" I thought that was clever. I checked, and it was already taken in CA. I was considering VTECFUN. What do you guy think? I really wanted ENZOWHO.