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Customer Care Mechanics Direct Open Letter

27 June 2011
St.Louis MO area
WOW! Cannot believe that I experienced the kind of customer care that Mitch Smith of Mechanics Direct, Lowell MA, has become famous for.

I called with a problem at 4:50pm CDT 5:50pm EDT, closing at best. Explained my problem with an ignition switch that my dealer 1260 miles away said was backordered. Mitch said, no problem, I'll have it on my desk in the morning and get it to you over the weekend. Monday, there it was in the mailbox.

Not only did he come through, but did so as if I was the only customer in the world, and as the true gentleman that he is, when all that was in it for him was the sale of a $50 part. I am truly glad that I entrusted him to do the initial work on my car in Boston when I bought it, he has become a real friend, consultant and confidant. Not only did he help me with the initial inspection and the work that truly needed to be done, he has remained a resource "on his time" both before and after my purchase. Only wish I was closer for the balance of stuff that comes about as a part of ownership.

Mitch, if you ever get to read this, you are one of the Crown Jewels in this industry! There are so few in the overall picture, however as a part of this forum, I have had the distinct privilege of meeting and talking to so many of you that are the best at what you do. Thanks for reading, and Thanks much Mitch.
Warmest regards,
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I've seen his work. Toledo (OH) Cars-N-Coffee 6-12-2011:







And I believe this NSX may still be for sale....
met them and that car at xpo 04 at the glen...nice guys.