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Dali 3 piece harness bar for sale

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16 January 2013
Dali harness bar for sale $275 plus shipping. Here is a pic of one installed, but mine is powder coated black and has a tab for mounting a go pro or action cam in the center for recording you track days. Never installed and moving to a condo with no garage. Keep a eye out will be listing allot of parts soon like Buddy Club race spec Coil overs, BBk and some other parts soon


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Harness Bar is sold Thanks Reagan/ RYU. Im looking for a box right now and it will go out tomm. It was good chatting with a prime old time member from the 2006 era. Fact we remember the long gone eccentric nitrous guy. hell there was not even a turbo even thought of back then and just 1 supercharger that blew motors because no engine management back then. crazy how much has change in 16 years,lol
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