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DAMAGED honda NSx for sale in Holland

20 October 2004
Holland / netherlands
I just saw that there was a damage honda NSX for sale in holland

look for it at: www.koning.trucks.nl go to stock

THe car is original dutch ZS-04-PX

Look good the car has realy big damage.

Who is interested?

greatings ronny


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Hello Ronny,

Funny you mentioned this NSX. I just discovered it today as well.
I think the company selling it doesn't know much about the NSX at all. They say they want a minimal bid of 10.000 Euros.
The pictures are not good enough for me to tell just how much damage is done. It also depends on how much time one is willing to spend in repairing it. The hood and front right fender can be found second hand without too much trouble. However, it's hard to tell how much damage there might be underneath. I would have to look at it in person and make a very good inspection to be able to make a better judgement. Just remember, NSX-parts are very expensive. Also, this car is an automatic, not a manual.

Depending on the selling price, it might actually be better to buy it and strip it for the parts.
hi Ronny

Maybee we need to take a look.
I have see it also on the internet.

i think it's a big work to get it right again.

I found out that this car has been one of the first cars in Holland.
Sold by the honda dealer in enschede ( isn't anymore ) and sold to a friend of the owner. The car has been in spain for a few years, but he is back.

This car is more damaged than the pictures tell you i am sure.

A friend of my is going to look for the car on saterday, he will report me when he has seen the car.