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Exterior Damaged Passenger Side Rear Fender (North America) and eBay Fiberglass Rear Bumper

20 May 2018
Please note, I don't have any idea what these parts are worth--I just don't want them to go to waste if someone in the NSX community can use them. My original post was deleted because I didn't specify a price. So here is a price: $999. I'll probably take less as I am really more concerned that these items are very large and take up a considerable amount of space.

This is a damaged fender and an aftermarket bumper that does not fit all that great and needs some fiberglass repair work from shipping damage. There are no comparable items anywhere I can find to guide my pricing, and repair costs will vary widely dependent upon expectation of final appearance. So, $999 or best and soonest offer via Private Message or call/text will buy both parts.

I have two exterior parts for sale, preferably to the same buyer:

- Passenger Side Rear Fender (North American Version with Side Marker Light Provision) - This fender was removed from a black 1991 Acura NSX that was bumped into at low speed while parked in a parking lot. The aluminum is bent and cracked as shown in the pictures. I bought a brand new $2,200 fender from Japan and installed it on the car, but my contact at the body shop that painted the new fender told me that the damaged fender could actually be repaired with a fair amount of time and skill.

- eBay Fiberglass Rear Bumper (this bumper has been discussed on the forum and yes, the fitment is not great, but it will do the job if you need a rear bumper) - Since at the time I could not locate a replacement OEM rear bumper for this car, I bought an aftermarket bumper on eBay for $530. The eBay seller had it drop-shipped and whoever packaged it only put a thin layer of foam around it, within a box that was far too big for the bumper. So the freight company damaged it, and completely denied that happened despite a written and signed-off on copy we have. There are multiple small chips and cracks all over the bumper. We test-fit this bumper anyway and the alignment is off by at least 1/8" to 1/4" in certain areas. The eBay seller of course does not write English very well and eBay is useless in helping at all. I don't have time to deal with it, and in the end for an extraordinary amount of money I was able to have the OEM bumper repaired.

I prefer not to waste any further time by attempting to have these items shipped, but will do so for fair compensation. The rear fender should be able to be shipped via UPS, but the rear bumper would have to be shipped by a freight company which is difficult to estimate cost for. That said, pickup in Wake Forest, North Carolina is preferred.

Make a reasonable offer via message or call/text at (919) 414-2537, thanks!


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I have tried a second time to post pictures as requested, and hopefully they will appear below.

I have a few more pictures available upon request, but this will give you an idea of how much the rear fender may have to be adjusted to meet the aftermarket bumper surface evenly (1/8"-3/16" or so on each side depending on the car, from the 10mm bolt at the very rear, covered by the rear bumper once installed).

Acura NSX Aftermarket Bumper 08.jpgAcura NSX Aftermarket Bumper 09.jpgAcura NSX Aftermarket Bumper 10.jpgAcura NSX Aftermarket Bumper 01.jpgAcura NSX Aftermarket Bumper 05.jpg
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Updated Price: $500 takes it all

Rear Bumper was bought for $530 on eBay but it is way too much hassle and expense to try and return to the uncooperative seller.

Message / call / text (919) 414-2537