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Deal's Gap/NC Mtn Cruise June 2nd

20 May 2001
Spartanburg, SC
Hey kings of corners
The snow has cleared, the birds have come out... so its about time for a mtn cruise! High Tach Motorsports is hosting the 2nd annual Mountain Cruise up in the Blue Ridge Parkway. Last year was a huge success (www.hightach.com/mtncruise), so this year looks even better. Such cars as M3s, RX7s, NSXs, Vettes, 300ZXs, etc will be attending.

When: June 2nd, meet at 9am, depart at 10:15am
Where: NE of Brevard, NC where 280, 276 & 64 intersect (hard to miss) at Wal-Mart.

We're going to head up 276, eventually ending up at Sagebrush in Waynesville, NC. The roads are awesome and beautiful.. of course having an endless row of nice cars in front and behind you make it quite an experience too. At Sagebrush, we will break off into 2 groups, 1 going to Deal's Gap, and the other continuing around the BRP.

You may leave when you like, just make sure somebody knows that you are so we won't think you fell of the mtn! Make sure your car is in top condition to handle the relatively harsh road conditions (we won't be going exactly the speed limit, but nothing crazy either). Bring walkie-talkies if you have some, they will come in handy.

So clean your NSX, take the top off (or roll window down
), and come out and enjoy the beautiful scenery and demanding twisty roads.

Clint Davis


SC High Tach Motorsports President
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Mtn Cruise has been moved 24hrs later to SUNDAY!!!

Rain is in the forecast for Saturday, so i am forced to delay it for 1 day. I hope you guys can still make it!

Same time, Same place, just 24hrs later

Clint D.


SC High Tach Motorsports President