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DFW Area Paint Work

29 March 2005
Dallas, TX
Anyone know a reputable paint shop in the Dallas area that can color match the roof of the car with the rest? Also, if anyone has done this, what kind of price estimates would I expect? Thanks a lot! :smile:
I had to get my front clip repainted due to an impact with a tire tread and I was pretty pleased with the shop that did mine. And my car is yellow which is pretty hard to match. It's in East Ft. Worth, so may be a little farther than you want to go. I am sure somebody else has had some experiences also.
we have had good experienced with a body shop called Mansfield Autodody....they have an attention to detail. We are heading there today for my friends Porsche which he just got the GT3 body kit. They are on Hwy287 and Debbie Ln. 817-473-8864 Talk to Carlos or Liz...if you mention Victor sent you, you might get a discount :rolleyes:
Goodson is going to paint the front bumper for my NSX. Too many rock chips and I can't stand it anymore. If you can wait for about a week, I will let you know what I think.
I got my car back today. Overall, the paint job looks good. My car mysteriously has 20 more miles on the odometer :mad:

Other than te possible joy ride, both service dept. and body shop didn't seem to like to keep customer posted. They never called me or gave me any status. I used to have good experinece with Goodson when Susan was still there. Sad.

Will I go back again if my car needs more paint work? Yes, for the work. No becuase of the lousy customer servce.
SOB!! Your car should not have 1 more mile on it!! I was considering them to repaint whole front end. I just bought Maraga Hill front,and had to replace a fender my wife modified in my driveway. Does the paint look good? Any flaws in the finish or orange peel? thks Brent :biggrin: P.S. what did you pay? Kevin quoted me 1700.00 to refinish and paint one front fender? :confused:
I think the paint looks good. If we get to meet next monthly meet, you can take a look. I don't remember the exact $ because I had something else done to the car. Around $1k I believe.
I am about to get my car back this afternoon, I will post up and let you know if the body shop I went to is any good. I had a door replaced, front end sanded and painted (to remove rock chips), new fender liners and front lip, and both mirrors re-painted. Should be just like new. We'll see.