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Different OEM wheels by year - need help

9 July 2008
Mineral, Va.
My 97 has seven spoke, machined surface OEM wheels. Does anyone know how many years these were used? I seem to see the same looking wheel with a paint finish or polished. Was 97 the only year the surface was machined versus painted? I'm trying to find a replacement 16" front but a couple I've seen have the painted spokes even though people swear they are from a 97. Any guidance is appreciated before I buy something that doesn't match.
I have 98 OEMs on my 91 and they are the machined finish.

If I am not mistaken, the 97-01 wheels have that machined finish. However, the centercaps changed from the "Acura" logo to the "A" logo....I think that started in 2000 but I am not sure.

The 94-96 OEM wheels are very similar, but they have a darker finish.
The 94-96 wheels are "Gunmetal" finish, while the 97-01 wheels have what's called "Blades" silver.
94-96 wheels are solaris paint color.
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