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Difficulty starting

24 July 2000
When I turn the key to start the engine, it *sometimes* takes about a second and a half or so to get it to start... why is this? The starter is turning the engine over, but the engine just does not come up as fast as I'd expect it to... what causes this?
My car does the same thing every so often. I notice though, that if you turn the key to the "accessories on" position I hear a slight whining noise for a second or two. My guess that this is the fuel pump making sure there is proper fuel pressure etc etc. If you dont wait and turn the key immediately maybe it takes a second to get the fuel to the engine? Just my guess...
I have had similar experiences in my 2000 NSX-T. Funny thing is I never have problems starting it cold. The only time I've experieced such a thing is when I had been driving for awhile, briefly shut off the engine (i.e. to get gas), and then start up again.

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I've experienced this also in my 94. It seems to happen more often when the weather and/or car is hot.

One day I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for my girlfriend to come out of the store, when this guy pulls up next to me and parks. He was 3 sheets to the wind and was telling me how he use to work at Acura as a tech. Then his drunk ass told me that I should not start the car until the yellow engine light goes off on the dash. He rambled something about the car doing some diagnostics when the key is turned to the on position and that you should wait for the light to turn off before cranking.

Don't know what to make of this non-sense, but it does come to mind when my car won't start on the first or second try. Maybe this guy was the brain-child behind the V-tec design? NOT!!!


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I've heard about the same thing a while back. I purchased a 92 Civic in Asia back in 92, and the dealer told me to wait until the yellow check engine light goes off before starting the car. Cause they do some inital testing when the light is on. I duno the truth about this, but I did it anyway and since then become a common practice.
My 91 is consistant about this, When the engine and the weather are hot the engine takes about 2 seconds worth of cranking to start. The previous owner said this is normal for the NSX so I assumed its true but don't know what to make of it. I'll try waiting for the yellow light and see if that helps. It's kind of anoying as most modern cars start immediatly, but pretty minor.