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DIY: OEM Momo Steering Wheel + OEM Momo hub (91-05)

3 May 2020
This is a detailed DIY video on how to install the OEM Honda MOMO Type S steering wheel (Same for NSX Type R Steering Wheel) and OEM Honda MOMO steering wheel hub on your 91-05 Acura/Honda NSX. The hub kit is specially designed and assembled by Mita Motorsports and includes everything you see in the video (Steering wheel sold separately). It's a nicely designed kit with everything needed to install. Links to the parts and list of tools below.

MITA Motorsports Hub kit:https://www.mitamotorsports.com/nsx-interior/boss-kit
OEM type S Steering Wheel: https://www.mitamotorsports.com/nsx-interior/types-steering

Phillips & Flathead Screwdrivers
Interior Pry Tool
19mm socket & Ratchet (Impact preferable)
Torque Wrench capable of 36 ft*lbs
Allen wrenches
T30 Torx bit
10mm wrench or socket (to remove battery terminal)

0:00 - Kit Contents
1:15 - Removing the stock steering wheel
4:56 - Removing the SRS reel
11:52 - Installing SRS resistor
14:50 - Horn functionality
18:00 - Lubricating the hub
18:53 - Hub installation
20:02 - Test horn
21:09 - Nut Torque
21:43 - Reassembly
22:31 - Steering wheel installation
23:42 - Assembled!