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DIY: Flush Mount your "H" Horn Button (MOMO) (91-05)

3 May 2020
Learn how to take a OEM JDM NSX-R MOMO horn button or any MOMO button with a "rounded lip" and convert it to a "flat lip" or flush mount style for a cleaner look. This was done for a MOMO hub mount, but the concept is the important part and is the same for a Works Bell or NRG style hub and quick release (detailed at the end of the video).

My original DIY for this can be found on S2ki.com: https://www.s2ki.com/forums/s2000-modifications-parts-193/nsx-horn-button-flush-mount-mod-1204856/

MOMO Horn Buttons (make sure to select Flat Lip type):https://momo.com/en-us/momo-steering-wheels-accessories/momo-horn-button.html

OEM JDM NSX-R Horn Buttons (Don't buy on eBay, too many fakes): https://formula-s.net/products/genuine-nsx-honda-horn-button?_pos=2&_sid=cff37c153&_ss=r

Tools Used:
-Bauer Belt Sander: https://www.harborfreight.com/4-in-x-36-in-belt-and-6-in-disc-sander-58339.html

0:00 - MOMO Horn Button Disassembly
1:22 - Differences Between the OEM NSX Horn Button & the MOMO Horn Button
2:52 - Flush Mount Horn Button Assembly
4:35 - MOMO Horn Button Retention Ring Modification
5:38 - Cutting The Retention Ring Down
8:40 - Before & After
8:49 - Quick Note on Works Bell & NRG Style Hubs