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DIY: Shift Boot Change (Center Console Removal) (91-05)

3 May 2020
In this video I'll show you how to remove and replace your 1991-05 Acura/Honda NSX Center Console. Whether you need to remove it to replace your shift boot like we did here, or you need to access your radio, climate control or shifter, there are a lot of reasons to need to know how to remove it. I'll also show you how to handle it carefully so you don't damage this costly part.

0:00 - Introduction
0:26 - Remove Storage Compartment
1:40 - Clock Removal
2:20 - Vent Removal
2:55 - Console Removal
4:48 - Shift Boot Installation
5:59 - Console Installation
7:28 - Vent Installation
8:02 - Clock Installation

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It's not in the video, but you want to be very careful removing the upper vent, as the 2 metal clips on the bottom can scratch the trim piece. As Chris noted, that's expensive. I find trim tools are often too thick, but a couple of credit cards slipped underneath those lower vent clips can protect the trim piece. I use them when reinserting the vent as well. You can see their locations in the video.

+1 on the advice to be very careful removing the clock. Lots of folks break one of the clips on the side of the clock when they pull it out on an angle. Usually, it's the plastic groove on the clock that breaks, not the clip, so you can drill a small hole (check for the electronics underneath!) and add a screw to hold the clip.

Also, the stock console glove box has a metal plate at the bottom that can be difficult to remove without bending it. A fair # of folks are missing it. At the back (or front?) there is a small rectangular hole that you can put a small screwdriver or a pick in to gently lift the plate, or also from the side that has an indentation from the latch (94+). If you bend it, or it's missing from before as a lot of them seem to be, it's 83403-SL0-A00ZA.

Last but not least, the ashtray comes out much more easily if you just lift the cover (there's a label on the lid that says "Push" with an upward arrow, as opposed to pulling on the ashtray. It then usually just pops right out.
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