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diy videos for dummies

25 January 2008
I was wondering if there is anybody out there interested in video taping DIY projects on dvd and selling them at a reasonable price to us who are not so mechanically inclined. Examples would be putting headers on, installing clutch, timing belt, car stereo equipment, etc ..I know there are countless threads on how to do this but if there were a video you could buy it would make it alot easier to see the actual parts you are refering to in the thread. Being able to see what your doing and refernce points would speak volumes. You could sell them lets say for 20.00 or more depending on the project to recoupe for your time and effort. Plus doing the job right the first time can significantly decrease repair cost in the future. (learned that the hard way) Some of you work on NSX"S exclusively (LarryB and Ron98:tongue:) all the time and have a wealth of information to share with the NSX community. This is just a suggestion to make things easier for the community. Hey larryb and ron98 if you were to do this you might not get so many phone calls and emails....more time to work on your cars:biggrin: Oh for all those who say take it to the shop:mad:....Well i enjoy working on my car, i think it as a stress reliever and it's theraupetic. I have a job were I take care of sick people and like to take care of my sick car:biggrin: By the way It usually cost me more to fix myself, cause I usually tear something else up.:biggrin: So, I just need someone to show me how to do it right the first time. Thanks for reading this lenghty thread and I hope we have some takers.