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Does anyone have this or any good NSX books?

22 September 2000
Dallas TX
I have it,...it basically gives you information on the R&D of the NSX and the development of the car. It makes a good coffee table book.


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My wife ordered that book from that link for me for xmas... I'm still waiting for it (they are on backorder) although I got a letter a couple of days back saying that they may never be able to fill the order...
A pretty awesome book is the Hyper Rev NSX edition. It has most of all the Japanese mods you can have on the car and other details such as history of the car...etc. It is in Japanese though.
Where can I get that Hyper Rev book and how much is it?

I got two books with my NSX one is the one you have linked and the other is a basically the same thing just different color. Over the years Comptech has sent me catalogs and a few posters too, anyone else get them?

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I have that book too! Got that back in 1992 from an Acura dealer! Pretty good book, if I remember correctly, haven't opened it up for years. The only thing bad now is that it only covers the 1991 model.

I also have that Hyper Rev book too! It's about 1/4 inch thick and all Japanese. Nice pictures of Japan's NSXs and mods. Shows stuff about their NSX Type-R. That book was print back in 1998 though. It was given to me by a friend, but I think they have them in Little Tokyo Los Angeles, CA. I want to get one for the S2000!

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I went to a Japanese book store in San Diego last week where thery carry a wide range of books and mag. and Hyper Rev NSX has just released the latest version. Hyper Rev also has detail mods. on other Japanese cars and the content is quite good. But everything in in Japanese. The price is ~$30 US + tax.
Are you sure about this being new? The NSX issue is Volume 32. There is no newer volume on the NSX on the publisher's web site as far as I can tell. Volume 32 is from December 1998.
NSX Books:
The first message in this thread describes the silver and black covered book that is basically a hard cover extensive brochure.
There is another factory book of similar size, solid black fabric cover with small metal NSX plate. This one is called Technical Information & Development History. Same high quality as the first one. Much harder to find - one sold on Ebay this week for $128.
A third factory book was done for dealers in Europe intended as a guide book for sales people. Larger format than the other two. Wonderful pictures, comments from race drivers, comparisons with Ferrari, good stuff. Done in several languages.
Brookfield recently did an NSX Performance Handbook which is just reprints of magazine tests from around the world. Softcover, about $25.00
The motorcars book finally got in today, so I guess they replenished their stock.

As lemannsx points out, it is more of a glorified brochure than a book, but for 20 bucks I'm happy to have it.
scottjua: the other factory books are long out of print and will be very hard to find although they turn up on Ebay from time to time - the tech book went for $128 last week! There is one that I forgot: a small soft cover book about the size of an owner's manual that is still available from
<a href="http://www.ewa1.com">E.W.A.</a>
for $15. It is nothing special. Motorbooks and EWA both have the perfomance handbook. There was also a book on Japanese Supercars which has a page or two on the NSX - again, nothing special.