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Does Hayashi still drive his NSX???


24 September 2005
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
I know he sold, or was trying to sell, his beat-to-hell F355 :)tongue:). But I haven't seen any cool NSXFiles updates on the Flamemobile in ages.

Doug, if you need some gas money, we've got you covered. We just need some funny NSX racing stories PRONTO. :tongue: :biggrin:
Ski ,I really think you should spend some time making friends in Jollie Old England:wink: Go out to a pub,have a butter/lettuce sandwich,something....If you are lonely I hear those west end girls are smoking......:tongue:
Word is that the karting and its go fast crap pipe addiction is taking over their lives at the moment.
The flamemobile is very expensive to take out all the time..........
The vehicle has changed to karts as noted but John. Go to www.pulpracing.com to see the latest karting antics by Hayashi, Mello and Littrell.
Doug and gang seem to be hitting the go fast Kart crack pipe last couple years. Other than that he used to track his S2K as well. NSX has been put to the side except for certain events I think. :confused:
I ran into him about a year ago and he was getting work done to his 355 at GMG at the time.

Back in the day, when I first got my NSX, I "drove vicariously" through his stories- especially his stories about owning and driving the 355!

Seven years later, I have my own Ferraris and other exotics but somehow, it's not as special these days- it seems like having a Ferrari back in 2000 was a bigger deal. Maybe it's because I was younger.