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Does the nsx have heat issues like my old rx7fd

9 January 2008
Just getting ready to build my setup, but wanted to know if the 1998+ had any heating issues, i know that my rotary would cook under stock conditions, until i opened it up. any help would be great
I've read stories about older RX7's and overheating.

I have not experienced any overheating on my former 91 NSX and that car was tracked.

Ive owned them both, several specimens.

The answer is NO.
Having 2 93 rx7....I can say no. Even with the SC you will not exp the same heat. In an rx7 at a light , one could feel the heat in the car and outside of the car. I blew apex twice under normal driving...Until I added downpipe, bigger radiator and updated intercooler.....

But back to OP---My TEMP gauge stays the same on both NSX I have. Rx7 you had to watch that gauge as much as you did the rpm gauge

P.S. You can mod the rx7 and get great numbers for a low price. Dont expect the same with the X
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I've driven my car boosted at 14 psi, in 120 deg F Vegas heat and never had any overheating problems. I think it's pretty safe to say that the car doesn't have any overheating issues.
Just getting ready to build my setup...

Well, it really depends on your setup. Build it right and build it safe and you shouldn't have any trouble. In contrast, try to throw twin turbos into your NSX without good planning/engineering and you'll see that thing on the lift more than on the road.

In stock form, I've yet to meet someone overheat an NSX.