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Driving Down to Carrabelle March 24 - Who is up for a Drive?

4 August 2000
Atlanta, Georgia USA

I am re-posting this into the Atlanta sub forum because after I returned last year, everyone commented on how they wish they knew about it.

Well here it is. March 24. Come on down to a great little town called Carrabelle Florida about 40 miles south of Tallahassee.

WannaGOFAST.com is proud to present our first event of 2012 at the Carrabelle-Thompson airport in Carrabelle, FL. The Carrabelle Speed Festival is well.....all about SPEED! Test your vehicle and driving skills on an open runway. We will be doing standing HALF MILE races all day long!! The best part is that we are allowing head to head competition instead of solo runs like other airstrip events. The theme will be classic grudge match style racing from a roll or a dig! Hit speeds you only dreamed about on a ¼ mile track in a fun and safe environment!

Come join us for what is sure to be an exciting day of speed and entertainment! We will have a live DJ spinning tracks all day long and food provided from the Pit Stop Grill!

Our 3 sponsors for the event are TopSpeed Motorsports of Atlanta, GA, Unique Audio of Destin, FL and TDC Performance of Mobile, AL!

TopSpeed Motorsports (http://www.topspeedtuned.com) is one of the premier tuning and performance shops in the nation! Their Nissan GT-R just recently won the One Lap of America this past May! They are now officially the 2010 and 2011 back to back One Lap of America Champions! They will be bringing a couple of their vehicles cars to take down the runway. One of them being their 2010 One Lap of America winning Porsche 911 GT2 race car!!

Unique Audio of Destin (http://www.uniquedestin.com) is a one of a kind customization center for your car or truck! They specialize in audio, security, window tinting and custom wheels and tires. If you can dream it they can create it for you!

TDC Performance (http://www.tdcperformance.net) is the only auto performance enhancement center in Mobile, AL. They specialize in dyno tuning and have EFI Certified Tuners to take care of all your specialized tuning needs. TDC's main focus is building drag cars for a wide variety of vehicle manufacturers to include Nissan, Mitsubishi, and Honda. They will also be bringing a couple of their shop cars to take down the runway!!

*Check out our website (http://www.wannagofast.com) to register. Be sure to read all of the forms and have your tech sheet filled out prior to entering the gate!

*Driver's you must register online by March 19th, 2012 at our website http://www.wannagofast.com

*For places to stay in the area click the link that says things to do and places to stay in Carrabelle (or visit www.carrabelle.org). If you need a hotel it is recommended that you book it now to make sure there’s availability!

*If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or email us.

Email: [email protected]
Contact: 850.585.5168

Take care and I hope to see all of you at the event!

Video from our July 30th, 2011 event!!

I just signed up!

So many people talk about wanting to goto these events....where are they?

I know you are already going squirrel ;-)
Registered so far

2 Z06s
Cobra SC

and more

I am going to need help beating all of these cars.

Come Join!
Hey Alex,
Just checking the miles for me. I run to Jennings for my bike races towing a trailor is about 5 hours. We would be talking another 2hours to the strip from there.. I think I'm not gonna make it..
I will be working on my car this weekend to prepare for this.

Anyone wanting to come hang out and watch me monkey around with the NSX is more than welcome (if they want to make the drive, that is :biggrin:).
I'm looking forward to this weekend! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

Two more days... I didn't get the work done that I wanted to, but I will be prepping the car tomorrow. :cool:
Not many things I get jealous about but this is one! I LOVE speed! :biggrin:

Have fun and take lots of pictures
So since the event got postponed... :cool:

Who's up for a mountain drive and then a cookout at Liz's cabin in Blue Ridge tomorrow? :biggrin:
we should have a good window of no rain and clear skies tomorrow morning for the drive,
forecast shows pm thunderstorms, which should be fine while we're cooking out

any idea of where we're going to drive??

and a possible good start time for everyone?
I was thinking go from Blue Ridge to Dahlonga up to Blood Mtn back over to BR

but y'all coming up from ATL might find a fun way to get up here!

Im good for 10am or after.....it will take you about 90 minutes from downtown ATL
I just saw the front of Alex's awesome ride for the first time since the rainy day in North Carolina :eek:


They are bringing it to the mountains of Georgia!

Who's coming to support the NSX Top Speed King of Georgia?

I lived full time in Clayton and have driven on Heavens Landing's airstrip in everything from from my NSX to a forklift :biggrin: It's in a great location for a early drive before or a late drive after. If you have any questions about staying up there shoot me a message or call me.