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30 May 2000
Southampton, PA, USA
I have had it Google. I just got tired of being "sold" to. I got tired of being used.

So, I started to use DuckDuckGo.com instead for all my searching needs. They also have an iOS app too.

Not looking back either.

If you're the least bit concerned about privacy and being "sold", you should read their write-ups on privacy and Bubbles. A real eye-opener.


That's pretty crazy stuff.... but If I add AD Block Pro and Ghostery then can I still use google? HAHA....JK.
Outside of facebook, your android or iphone is the biggest privacy leak.
In addition to the private data apple and google steals, did you realize that apps like facebook, and twitter upload your contacts off your phone to their servers without asking? There's a bunch of sketch things like that.

On android, if you root it, you can install "PGuard" which allows you to limit what rights each app has.

There's also "DroidWall" that allows you to block apps from accessing the internet. You really need both apps loaded.

Obviously if you use google chrome web browser you can forget about privacy.

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Google search is going down hill. It is about time someone took some marketshre from them. It will be better for everyone.