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E Bay (do not deal with this person)

3 January 2003
Well last week on Friday I order something on e bay for my car from this person [email protected]
thats is the paypal account name she has so I advice to not deal with her.

I E Mail her 2 times to ask when will it be ship and she would not ansure so on the last E mail I was pissed of and wrote:

"I put in the tracking number and it did not exist WTF if I don't here
from you I will want a full refund because this if not right that I don't get no
info from you on what I ordered."

so finally after that e mail she replies

"Lets make a few things clear here. When YOU bidded on the item, it
clearly states that the package will take up to 7 business days to
ship. The item was paid for this past weekend. Count the days. I do
not appreciate people who do not read my auctions clearly and then
e-mail me to curse at me. If you couldn't understand to abide by my
rules, you should NOT have bidded in the beggining."

the problem I had was that she was not answering my e mails and I had no idea if I just got ripped off so I was conserned because it does not take 3 days to ansure e mail if that is what make money for you.

so if you don't want to go though things like that were you get no info on were your parts are and when will they be shipped I advice not to deal with her.
I am a person who takes care of people so I want the same done to me not just cause you have my money you decide not to ansure my e mail until I get pissed off.
I know how you feel, but the seller has a valid point though. Sometimes in life, you can't expect to be treated like the same way you treat others.

If the person had 0 feedback or less than 5 feedbacks, then I would probably be paranoid too. Then again, I would probably not bid on the person at all. Too many scam artists out there....

How's the seller feedback? Did you read their feedback before you make the bid? That's what I do...just read all the neutral and negative feedbacks from the seller and make a decision if you want to bid on their auction or not...
you didnt get scammed.

most likely he got backed up on his orders and emails.
and dont be an ass. people hate a-holes. dont cuss in emails. people hate that too and you could be reported to ebay and possibly banned.

the rotors you bought take time to get drilled/slotted, zinc plated and properly packed.

the tracking info is prolly just a typo. check with him again with the information. he mightve made the shipping labels in advance so he wouldnt forget to do them later.

dont expect many people to check their email over the weekend because those are their only 2 fun days they get out of the 9-9 weekday of work.

im just saying this because complaints like this gives sellers a really bad rap when they dont deserve it. and i highly discourage it.

if you're concerned about the time to get your item.
go with me. i can get your rotors and pads in 1 day for rushed products, but regularly 2.

if you wanna hear a bout how i feel about a certain business....
i want buy out best buy and knock them all down and turn them into parking lots and make sure those employees never find work in this lifetime ever again.
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That was the first and last time I do E Bay.

from now on I will just look for a "store" or a real place to get things like SOS were the times I get things from them they are on time and always ansure my calls or e mails. thats the way they keep people buying from them.