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Hello my old friends....been a long time

19 May 2003
Temecula, CA
Long time no see my friends!!! glad to see this place is back and doing well after some dark times when it looked like Prime was dying on the vine....as many of you might know I sold my last NSX in the summer of 2019 and instantly regretted it...like every NSX I ever sold.
I thought the newer "better" 981 Cayman with PDK would be a great jump up, and technically it was a much better performing car, but it just never had my heart...
Then I jumped to the newer 718 version with a manual trans for a much better fun factor, but it still lacked the feeling I had with my old Na1 NSX's....So I sold that one recently and ended up lucking out into a low mile minty mint 2010 Audi R8 with gated manual transmission that I couldn't pass up....
I have long lusted after the gen 1 R8 and finally feel that "dream car" feeling I had with my three previous NSX's. I have barely put a 100 miles on her but already know she is a keeper. I always felt the R8 is what the NSX should have evolved into and coincidentally it debuted shortly after Honda killed off the NSX in 2005.
If I'm lucky enough I will get back into a NA1 NSX someday, but until then I am going to count my lucky stars that I'm blessed enough to once again have a "dream car" back in my garage

introducing my new to me 2010 Audi R8 V8 w/gated manual with only 18K miles on the clock



congrat, such a beautiful car... please be sure to share your experience down the road. I'm curious about how reliable it is, and the cost of maintenance/repair. I was told that the automatic transmission is quite problematic and very expensive to repair.