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Ebay auction open for new CT Engineering Supercharger

30 June 2004
boulder, colorado
Ever wish your NSX had more power?

Now's your chance to boost your horsepower for a bargain price and also give the NSX community a boost at the same time.
Bidding has opened for a brand new CT Engineering Supercharger on Ebay
at http://www.ebay.com/itm/170878487933?item=170878487933&viewitem=&vxp=mtr

The NSX Club of America thanks Nate and CT Engineering for their continued support of the NSXCA and the NSX community. Their generous donation of the proceeds from this auction underwrites portions of NSXPO 2012 in Boulder, Colorado (see http://nsxpo.com), from Sept. 13-18.

From CT-Engineering's website....

CT Engineering's Supercharger Package is designed by our engineers exclusively for the NSX to provide a substantial increase in horsepower that begins building at 2,000 RPM and continues all the way to redline. Superchargers are of the "Screw-Type" design that provide consistent boost and compress the intake charge very efficiently with a minimal increase in air intake temperature. This combination helps provide almost instant boost (unlike centrifugal type superchargers) to increase and broaden the torque curve substantially. CT Engineering Supercharger Packages are 50 state legal and all components have been tested to ensure OEM reliability as well as proper fitment in the NSX engine compartment. The CT Engineering NSX Supercharger continues to be known worldwide as the only reliable forced induction option for the NSX.

Please see their website for more details on this great NSX upgrade. www.ct-engineering.com

Some lucky NSX owner is going to walk away with a CT Engineering Supercharger at a terrific price. A very reasonable reserve has been set for this auction. Proceeds benefit you and your club. Most importantly, you’ll have a CT Engineering Supercharger in your NSX at an unbelievably discounted price.

The auction ends July 24!
I wonder who is going to get the supercharger?
The ebay auction here ends today!
$7700 was bid and it didn't meet reserve?
Plus the kit for targa models cost $1000 more.
They have 5 more of the same items listed on ebay for $8900 buy it now.
I thought it was supposed to be discounted.

What were the 'proceeds' considered to be?
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$7700 was bid and it didn't meet reserve?
They have 5 more of the same items listed on ebay for $8900 buy it now.
I thought it was supposed to be discounted.

What were the 'proceeds' considered to be?

Who has 5 more listed?

The NSXCA had one that was donated in part to provide sponsorship monies for NSXPO 2012.
Congratulations to our lucky NSXCA member in Georgia who won the supercharger auction. Although the reserve wasn't met, we came to mutually agreeable terms. Nate from CT-Enginneering shipped the unit yesterday.

Thank you Nate for your generous contribution to NSXPO 2012!