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Edmonton Amazing Semi Crash Yesterday - Youtube Vid.

8 April 2004
Edmonton, Alberta
Well, we lost a truck driver yesterday afternoon, not sure what was his problem at this time but he was on the wrong side of the road and only took his own life.
Sad things happen folks.
Drive with care.
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That was not me filming, just found the link this am after hearing about it after work yesterday. Other side of the city from me.
I would just dive for the ditch man.
Just so sad.
I wish I could have just sat down and talked to the guy and shared a beer and a story.
It sad that he felt he had to do that. :frown: Fortunately, there were no other people involved.
I would not make that assumption or think that at this time.
He was Type 1 diabetic.
If you haven't been with a bad type 1, then you don't know how bad there shock gets.
Its just a sad event and lets wait to hear the truth, not speculate.
Sure, its just like being drunk. Something is definately amuck though to drive for almost 20km down the wrong side of the highway with cars around you for at least most of it.