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Enkei RS05RR vs Rays 57Xtreme on a 91 FR

5 May 2013
North Carolina

I'm in the market for some wheels for my 'new to me' Formula Red 91.
The two sets on my radar right now are Enkei RS05RR or Gram Lights 57Xtreme.

If I could find a mint set of White Desmond RegaMaster EVOs in GTR Spec that would be my first choice .. but for ease of availability we'll stick to Enkei vs Rays.

The suspension will be TEIN MonoFlex w/ EDFC Active.
I have NO intentions of "slamming it" as I'd like my fenders and liners to stay intact and be able to DRIVE the NSX hard.
It will be corner balanced and the ride height will be high enough to prevent rubbing.

Now onto the wheel sizes that I hope are going to work out .. looking for some feedback on these wheel and tire sizes please.

Enkei RS05RR Wheel - 18x9.0 / 5x114.3 / Offset +40 (Face F) $522.00 x2
Enkei RS05RR Wheel - 18x10.5 / 5x114.3 / Offset +35 (Face R) $576.00 x2


Tire sizes that I am assuming would work with the Enkei's .. the stretch shouldn't be drastic but I am by no means a "stance" expert
Star Spec ZII's
Front: 225/35/18; 18x9 +40
Rear: 275/30/18; 18x10.5 +35

Color options .. Silver would probably contrast best against FR.

Front "F Face"

Rear "R Face"


Rays Gram Lights 57Xtreme Wheel Set (18x7.5 +40, 19x9.5 +43) - Sunlight Silver (list: $1,990.00)
Rays Gram Lights 57Xtreme (18x8.5 +33, 19x10.5 +43) available by special order (list: unknown)


After looking at ssangkal1001 pictures with 18x8.5 fronts/19x10.5 rears I really like the look of those sizes.

Tire Sizes for the 57Xtreme's

Star Spec ZII's
Option 1
Front: 215/35/18; 18x7.5 +40
Rear: 255/30/19; 19x9.5 +43

Option 2
Front: 225/35/18; 18x8.5 +33
Rear: 275/30/19; 19x10.5 +43

I am looking forward to everyone's experience, opinions and suggestions!
Thank you for looking.

Very Respectfully,
I too looked at the RS05RR recently. However, I nixed that possibility because it was only available in 18s; no double staggered fitment with them. 18s front/back just don't work IMO.

While I would choose the RS05RR over the 57xtreme, I'd never choose 18/18 over 19/18 (or even 18/17).
Thanks for the reply shern,

What turns you off about a 18/18 setup in particular? Is it just the overall look, drive feeling or performance based?
For some reason I am shying away from 19's in the rear .. almost seems to big for the chassis to me but I am still new to the NSX and would love an education.
It's pretty much a general consensus that you want to do a staggered size fitmemt because it looks better on our cars. There's maybe a few that can pull it off and mostly all the time if you were to stick a larger wheel on the rear it would look better than the same ones.

There is a drawback for larger wheels. Not a huge one I don't think but there's performance and tire selections, along with price of tires and wheels.
I can see how with the rake of the car, low slung front end and long rear it would lend itself better going a size up in the rear.
Going to do some more searching for some non-staggered F/R setups to try and get an idea of what they look like.

I had 18x8 and 18x9 JLB 286's on my s2k and they looked great without being staggered F/R, alas that isn't an NSX.

It does seem like Enkei is planning production of 19's and 20's in the future so I am going to hold tight for a while. Might stumble across some Rega's in the meantime you never know!

What are your opinions on the 18's sizes offered for up front .. from perusing the forum I didn't come across many 18x9's being used up front. While I'm not completely objective to some light fender rolling I would rather avoid it if at all possible.

Thanks again!
Some have done it but most would argue against 18x9 on stock fenders. Actually I only know of maybe one that has done a 9 width wheel on stock fenders. Some have done 8.5 but it depends on offset...

Do some research. I actually like driving my car and don't like rubbing and tinkering with that stuff so I cut my widths to 8 in the front and 10 in the rear max...

I'd strongly advise against 19/20. But that's just an opinion.

Just do some research, there's tons of threads floating around.
k20fg - you're new here (which is great, welcome!) but this topic has been hashed out to oblivion. please do a search. a lot of folks have argued your points valiantly only to realize 16/17, 17/17, 17/18 is the performance choice with 18/19 being the "show" size.
there is not much physical room in the oem fendered nsx.Honda widened the foot box to allow better pedal alignment with the driver,but to do this they needed to take room out of the fender well.there is no need for anything larger than 8 inch because the max tire size you can get is 235/40 series and that still rubs....215 is best and 225 is a rare size in any performance brand.
Exactly why I opened a new thread on these particular sizes offered for the Enkei's .. 18x9 seems like quite a feat to fit in the wheel well. Hence no threads detailing these specific sizes and offset.
I am right there with you on enjoying the drive without having to worry about trashing your fenders and will take your personal 8" front 10" rear maximum recommendations into account during my search for a set of wheels.
19/20 is completely out of the question.

Thank you, I'm very fortunate to be here! :smile:
I combed through the Wheel and Tire section prior to drafting this detail oriented thread on a new wheel make RS05RR mentioned no where else in the forum(search verified) and 57Xtreme which is also fairly new to the market and has very limited coverage here. Is there a sub-forum I may have missed? :confused:

Good copy on the sizes known to be suited towards performance benefits, one of them being a 17/17 non-dual staggered.

Though I am a bit excited about the prospect of the RS05RR's, I am not new to forums in general, so I do make a habit of researching so as to not dredge up topics already covered.
I hope my previous posts didn't come off as argumentative or close minded as that was not my intent.

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