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Eric @ Wheelstudio.com

20 March 2012
This is about my relatively recent purchase of wheels from eric at wheelstudio.com.

Prior to buying, I did as much research as possible with regard to fitment, size and look of the wheels and diligently made my decision to go with the TSW mirabeau 18/19 setup. After having perused the entire web and calling different wheel shops I was disenchanted to find that the rear fitment I wanted was unavailable. After speaking with Eric @ wheelstudio.com he suggested to have the rear wheels redrilled from a fitment that was currently available on the market, (5x112) to the required 5x114.3 nsx fitment.

Having no knowledge whatsoever of how fitments, offsets or redrilling actually works or of any potential setbacks I invested my faith in Eric and went ahead with the purchase, something I would normally never do. Long story short: shipping was on time, packaging was secure and fitment (one of my main concerns) was PERRRFECT. I've ridden on the wheels for a little over a month now and they look/ride like a dream.

Unfortunately much of these posts dedicated to bashing, exposing or informing of any negative buyer/seller experiences and its rare to see people actually take time out to thank businesses/individuals for doing something right so I thought I'd take a step and vouch for this company, particularly this Eric fella. He was patient, helpful and precise... and he threw in some goodies at no add'l charge: 4 hubcentrics/20 tuner lugs

If you're considering buying wheels online, give this guy a buzz, he knows his stuff.

Thanks for reading.