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Exhaust Advice

9 March 2000
Sacramento, CA
I am looking at a few exhausts for my 91. DC and HKS. I like the look and sound of the RM but I *KNOW* the sound will begin to grate on me after a while. The Comptech has tips that are too big for my tastes.

I am looking for advice mostly on the DC. Do any of you have it? And can you tell me what it looks like on your car and what is sounds like at speed and in town? I know what the HKS sounds like and I like that low mellow not loud sound.

Please help! I have not a clue what I should buy.

Go with the RSR cat-back model if you can find one, it provides the best bang for the buck for the NSX ($850) while being only slightly louder than the stock unit at high rpms.
Anyone here have a RM racing exhaust with the oval tip? I need to know whether it give a loud sound.
I'm confuse whether to buy Comptech exhaust, dc sport or RM racing.
I called Racing Beat the importer of RSR and they do not import the NSX exhuast anymore.

I wanted them first, but if you like RSR you probably will like HKS. Both seem pretty mild in terms of sound but also mild in terms of power gain as well.

I understand that RM droans a bit but if you can stand that then by all means get it. It is lighter, seems to make the most power, and IMHO the dual DTM looks the best out of all of the exhausts.
I have the dual tip RM system. It is a little loud, as my wife points out! The single tip really offers no less volume. I spoke with Randy at Rm about this since out here in the east, one race track, LimeRock, there are noise limits of 85DB. I am very confident I CANNOT run there with the RM exhaust. Randy said the single tip does not have a resonator either, so it is basically a looks thing. The Comptech has a resonator tip and will be quieter. BUT... the RM sounds great in my opinion.

I installed the RM racing DTM exhaust about 2400 miles ago.I have only 6200 miles on my 97 NSX.I heard both the Comptech & RSR exhaust.I love the RM exhaust..looks,sound,
performance,and most important quality.Before I bought any exhaust I personally listened to Randy's NSX at RM racing.From that instant I heard it,I knew exactly this was for me.
Before you buy I strongly recommend to listen to different systems.And as always.......You get for what you pay for!
Does anyone have any dyno or any actual first hand experience with one exhaust being better than another? I would prefer quiet - anyone hear an HKS yet?
I have the Comptech header and exhaust on my '91 and I am very happy with the performance and the sound. But there is a European system that I've seen called Finestar. Contact Dan at [email protected] or call him at (925) 820-7468.
I am not soliciting for Dan, I'm just passing along another alternative.


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I have seen the DC exhaust in person...it looks pretty ugly...the tips hangs a bit low and it sticks out too much.

I have the B&B (RM) exhaust...it is pretty nice sounding I don't find it to be that loud at all inside the car...however if you were standing outside it just sounds GREAT!!
I have had the stock, RM DTM, stock without cats, and RSR without cats. And I have another race muffler coming in from Japan soon, so I heard a lot of mufflers

I have heard/seen Dan's Finestar system. In terms of quality, I would rate it above RM. It has much better welds, and the whole thing shines like a mirror! It has very little sound in crusing, even compared to my supposedly tame RSR(both running without cats) At idle, the finestar gives a much deeper rumble similar to the RM. And at acceleration, it is also similar to a RM with the volume turned down, partly due to its resonanting tips. For the price--$800, I think, it's pretty unbeatable.

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