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F**K! I'm pissed!

28 March 2000
Redwood City, CA
So, I need to get under the front of the car and because the car is so low this is rather difficult, so I pull the car out of the garage onto the street and ride it up on a speed bump to take a peek under.

I'm under the car, and a cyclist whizzes by, which startles me. The cyclists mumbles an "Oops!" as he passes. I get up, go over to the side of the car, and what do I find?

The a**h*** cyclist SPIT on my car! There's a big loogie dripping down the side of my car. What the hell kind of society do we live in where some a**h*** cyclist just spits on ones car? My car is me; you spit on my car you're spitting on me.

Of course, I immediately got in my car and tried to chase him down, but he was long gone. (My neighborhood is small, but has lots of side streets.)

F**K! I'm pissed!

[Lud -- feel free to delete. I just needed to vent.]

Man thats sucks....I feel for you Flaminio! I would of beat his a$$ if I caught him!
whoa chris... that is f**cked up. i had seen something like that happen before. walking down a block, ever car on that block had its right mirror kicked off. really horrible sight.
Hmmm...You guys should live in Miami. Someone spitting on your car isnt too unusual; but, dump trucks cutting you off and people almost smashing into you is the norm.
Thanks to all for letting me vent. I'm better now

Certainly there are worse crimes than spitting. Chris's mirror, for one; I had another person e-mail me that he got keyed to the metal once. Thankfully a damp towel was all I needed to remove the physical evidence of the incident.

What really bugged me about the incident was the nature of the spitter. If it'd been some punk kid on a vandalistic rampage, or a prol making a protest against some perceived injustice (let's face it -- driving an expensive sports car does make us a bit of a target) I would at least understand it. But this incident was on a quiet side street in a very affluent part of the Bay Area (Redwood Shores). This is a street where you would not be unless you lived there. That makes the spitter my neighbor, perhaps even my peer. There's no way it could have been accidental -- there was only my car there, and he hit it square in the middle.

The attack was on me, as a person, and not as a symbol. This I find very disturbing. I really want to find this guy and chat with him about what he was thinking. Like I said, it's a small side street -- I'll be watching for him.

I know you guys are just waiting anxiously to hear more on the spitting story

One of the guys in my complex has set up a little web-board for the residents. Neat idea, except no one really uses it. In my anger on Friday, I also posted to that board, expecting that to be the last of it.

Yesterday, amazingly, the spitter replied. Here's what he has to say:

Hi Bob,

I apologize for spitting on your car, it was an immature thing to do.

I did it because of the following reasons:

1) you were parked in front of a hydrant on a red curb.

2) you were right in the middle of genoa when there were perfectly good parking spaces right next to you.

As a neighbor, I really appreciate you working on you car in the middle of the road, it makes our development look really classy.

In typical on-line board fashion, he apologizes, but then proceeds to rail on me some more.

Now, it is true that I was in front of a fire hydrant (but the car was never unattended). I was not in the "middle" of Genoa; I parked to the side. Like I said, I was there because I wanted to ride the car up on a speed bump to get a better view under the front.

As far as "working" on my car, it's not like I was doing engine work or even changing the oil. It was a five-minute task, max. (One of the bolts holding the chin-guard on had fallen off; I was reattaching it.)

Anyway, I'm probably a little bit in the wrong. But in no way does that justify the attack on my car.

So now you know the rest of the story...

Originally posted by nsxtasy:
Yesterday, amazingly, the spitter replied

Did he sign his reply?

that is absolutely amazing. given he probably did not sign his name, I have to wonder if it is possible to figure out who he is via IP addressing?
You should post his e-mail address for us, he'll never spit on another NSX again!
He signed the message with his Real Name and e-mail address.

Actually, I give him credit for that. I was not suggesting that we barrage him with flames, only curious as to how serious his apology was.

Of course, Bob is going to tell him how classy the development is when people there spit on each other's cars...
All I'd do is ask him if he's ever seen the Sopranos... might want to be careful who's nice car he messes with. Just a little free advice
All I'd do is ask him if he's ever seen the Sopranos... might want to be careful who's nice car he messes with. Just a little free advice