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JDM K-Swapped Turbo Build - Mothra

18 April 2024
Hello everyone. Some of you may remember this car in the for sale section years ago. Its a 1991 Championship white RHD NA1. I purchased it with the full intention of making a monster. Fast forward a few years later and I am nearly ready to get her started.


Build Details:
K20A2 with CSS block guard
OEM MLS headgasket
JE 10.2-1 forged pistons
Eagle H-Beam rods
4Piston S2k ported oil pump
L19 Headstuds
Supertec springs and retainers
Quaife dogbox transmission with quaife diff
Drivshaftshop 1000hp+ axles
Competition Clutch twin disc
Precision Gen2 6466 Turbo
Skunk2 Ultra intake manifold
Hondata Kpro ECU
Rywire wiring harness
Grams 2200cc injectors
Skunk2 fuel rail
Grams fuel pressure regulator
2x AEM 400lph in tank full pumps on a Fullblown motorsports billet 2 pump hangar
Momo coursa steering wheel
Regamaster wheels
Go-Autoworks custom turbo manifold
Turbosmart 60mm wastegate
3 port MAC boost controller
Strain gauge and knob for Quiafe sequentail shifter
Recaro type r seats from JDM RSX type r
Unkown brand JDM coilovers

I am looking for a little bit of help with some wiring.

1. I have 2 plugs (2pin and 8pin w/2 wires) that I could not get any info on from the company that made my wiring harness. All they told me is they are chassis plugs *near the shock tower* Any help identifying these would be great. I don't want to fry anything before I power on the car.

The plugs in question The *plugs by the shock tower* I found that I am unsure of

2. Additionally I have some flying leads that are meant to go to the gauges on the dash/other misc places that I have been unable to locate on the chassis side of the harness as well. Here are the instructions I was given
Black/yellow - 12v power for alternator
Blue - Tachometer out
White/green - Speed sensor out
Red/yellow - Ground (easy enough)
White/blue - charge warning lamp
Yellow/green water temp gauge
Green - Fan switch control from ECU
Yellow/red - Oil dummy lamp
Yellow/black - ECU power (easy enough)
Green/yellow - Fuel pump control from ECU. I plan to try to use this to power my 2nd fuel pump at high boost. 1 pump is already wired up through the fuse box with its own relay

3. The only things left are fabricating a downpipe/intercooler and piping. I have a TiG welder but I need a lot more practice with filler rod before I feel comfortable burning up material. I am very confident with my fusion welding.

Also if you have any other advice/tips or live in the Cincinnati area and could lend a hand I in getting it started and tuned I would be in your debt!

Below are some images I have collected along the way.
121116671_10159118190366908_9158301085668968875_o_10159118190361908.jpg122745294_10159167137441908_6596006588542515442_o_10159167137436908.jpgNSX empty.jpg90530160_10158389796596908_13173102783496192_o_10158389796591908.jpg
The day I bought it I made this meme (~six years ago).


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