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F1 on CBS

28 March 2002
Oxnard, CA , USA
its on CBS right now! Jenson Button in 3rd place, woohoo!
You'd think the CBS sportscasters could do a little more prep before a race, learn more about the sport, but at least, learn how to pronounce the names and terms properly, as I had to laugh when one of them mis-pronounced Sauber "Soober".

Thank god we're back to Hobbs, Matchett and Varsha for the rest of the year. Those 3 are the best !
I like Derek Daly's commentary. I think he does a good job at making F1 more accessible to people who might not otherwise understand motor racing.
I hate CBS coverage and I'm glad it'll be Speed the rest of the way. At least this time I got to see the podium celebration and interview at the end.
I'm just glad one of the major TV networks carries F1.
Great race. The coverage is quite "entertaining".

Announcer: What do you think Alonso should do?(when Kimi was walking away from him at the start of the race).

Announcer: Do you think JPM can catch up to Alonso?(3-4 laps left and 30 second lead) :biggrin:

They really have to dumb it down for the NASCAR audience
I think the CBS commentators should be cut some slack. They really aren't the standard avid F1 fans are accustomed to but their target market is not that part of the market anyway. CBS and the FIA want the biggest audience possible and if it means dumbing down the commentary then they'll do it - obviously.

The race was very good, IMHO. Lots of passing...Joan Paula drove an excellent race and the battle between Schuey and Button then Fishi was great. Of course, the race was typical F1 as well...Kimi blew up, JV and Sato crashed into other cars, and Bridgestone tires sucked.

Man, I love F1.
Honda F1 Racing said:
CBS coverage was terrible and as usual their announcers were clueless about most of the things they were talking about. Good thing it's their last broadcast of this year and it's all Matchett, Varsha and Hobbs on SPEED the rest of the way! :smile:

taht's why i don't bother watching the LIVE cbs version. i just catch the race a week later on speed friday midnight =)
azndng said:
taht's why i don't bother watching the LIVE cbs version. i just catch the race a week later on speed friday midnight =)
Well, the CBS broadcast is delayed, not live, which makes the commentators' errors that much more irritating considering they have all that time to at the very least, fact check and make some damn sense! :biggrin: